Keep Garlic Fresh for Months With This Ceramic Jar That's Only $19

It looks great on countertops, too. 

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Fox Run Garlic Keeper,

Staple ingredients like onions, shallots, potatoes, and ginger can last for a long time—but not forever. Few things are as frustrating as finding rotten, moldy, or shriveled ingredients when you're in need of them to finish preparing a meal.

That's why learning how to store these ingredients is a must for home cooks, but you can certainly benefit from tools in your kitchen to take care of the job for you. Items like Oxo's GreenSaver Produce Keeper can maintain the freshness for food that requires refrigeration, but if you want something to prolong your garlic's shelf life at room temperature, Amazon reviewers say Fox Run's Garlic Keeper Jar is just the thing.

Fox Run Garlic Keeper,

To buy: $19;

For something so ubiquitous in recipes and meals, garlic can easily be forgotten as the ingredient to spice up and add a hint of oomph to your pasta, chicken with potatoes, and more. That makes keeping a few heads in your kitchen all the more worth it, so keeper jars that make it last longer can be unbelievably helpful. It's especially important to use jars that promote air circulation, so the best options—like Fox Run's garlic jar—have ventilation holes to keep garlic fresh and dry.

What's more, the Fox Run garlic keeper comes with a lid to keep garlic heads away from sunlight, and the ceramic material of the jar will absorb any excess moisture and odors. Shoppers who have tested it out say the jar keeps garlic fresh for months. One who doesn't use fresh garlic very often and finds themselves always faced with rotten garlic when they do need a clove said Fox Run's garlic keeper really works. "I have [had] this out on the counter now for months and the garlic is still good," they wrote.

Another concurred, saying it's a "nice size to keep on the counter without taking up a lot of space." They've had it for more than a month, and the jar has kept the garlic "very fresh."

Reviewers also said it's the perfect size for holding four to five bulbs of garlic, and that it looks as good on your countertop as it works well to keep garlic fresh. With this keeper jar, you no longer have to stress about rushing to use up your garlic before it goes bad or worry about picking up too many heads than is needed on your next grocery trip. Grab the $19 jar at Amazon now.

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