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Alpaca Reusable Grocery Bag

Some people enjoy leisurely wandering through grocery aisles, others approach restocking the pantry with militant preparation and get in and out as quickly as possible. But no matter how you buy your groceries, when the cashier asks “Paper or plastic?,” it feels great to say, “Neither!” as you whip out your reusable bag.

From unassuming cotton totes to stylish French market bags, there are so many eco-friendly ways to bring your groceries home. And for thousands of Amazon shoppers, their go-tos are these durable, adorable bags from BeeGreen.

Reusable Grocery Bags

To buy: $15 for five;

Made with lightweight, rip-resistant nylon, the bags aren’t just three times larger than traditional grocery bags, they’re also much stronger. They’re designed to carry large loads up to 50 pounds and feature extra-long handles and reinforced seams. And if they get dirty, throw them into the washing machine and air dry—they’ll come out looking good as new!

Customers can’t stop raving about the bags, which are Amazon’s best-selling reusable grocery bag and come in more than 30 different styles and patterns. The bags have over 2,500 perfect five-star reviews, with shoppers praising their sturdiness and strength.

“I was looking for affordable, packable, decent-sized reusable bags and these are perfect,” writes one user. “They carry more than a standard sized plastic bag at a grocery store and appear to be durable. The straps are wide so you can carry heavy loads comfortably, and these are lightweight and pack down really small. It’s easy to carry them in my bag or put a bunch in the glove box of the car where they are out of the way, but there if I need them.”

Another adds, “These pictures are of a shopping trip to Walmart where I purchased $300 worth of groceries and household goods. I was shocked that everything fit into these five bags! The full bags were also easy to carry as well! If not for these bags I would have definitely had a lot of plastic bags on my hands!”

Reviewers also appreciate the bags’ thoughtful details, like a hook for hanging onto shopping carts and how easily they fold into a sewn-on pocket, which streamline the shopping process even more.

“I was looking for a way to reduce the clutter in my car from all my reusable shopping bags,” writes one customer. “These totes are the perfect solution. The have a built in storage bag so they can be folded into tidy little packets that fit easily into a purse. It does take a few times to get the hang of folding them up, but it is worth the effort to have something that takes up so little space!”

But most of all, shoppers love that these cheerful bags help them cut down on plastic: “Can't say enough great things about these bags,” raves another user. “Roomy, sturdy, and makes me feel good. I am trying to do my part to rid this earth of all those plastic bags.”

Ready to feel warm and fuzzy about shopping, too? A set of five bags costs just under $15 (meaning each bag is less than $3). Add them to your Amazon cart today, and you’re on your way to joining the "I brought my own!" club.