5 Out-of-the-Box Pasta Flavors

Take pasta night to new heights with these creative finds.


Morelli Organic Linguine With Peperoncino Hot Peppers


Tired of adding extra spices to every pasta sauce recipe? With Morelli’s hot linguine, you won’t have to. Every strand is infused with red chili flake, making it the perfect pasta for spicy food lovers.

To buy: $6; yummybazaar.com.

Photo by igourmet.com

Sfoglini Bronx Brewery BXB Radiators


Born out of Sfoglini’s collaboration with Bronx Brewery, this pasta—comprised of five different barley malts—tastes just like a pint of Rye Pale Ale. They’re also the perfect shape for sauce to cling to.

To buy: $12; mouth.com.

Photo by mouth.com

L'Origine Organic Tagliatelle With Spirulina Algae


You know you’re in good hands with this organic pasta, made at a family-run factory in northeast Italy. The addition of Spirulina algae gives it an extra boost of flavor that serves as a natural complement to fish or clam-based sauces.

To buy: $8; igourmet.com.

Photo by igourmet.com


Valnerina Tartufi Stringozzi Pasta With Summer Truffles


This homemade pasta is made with summer truffles harvested in the heart of Italy. To further enhance the flavor, toss the cooked noodles with a truffle-infused sauce, or, if you can find them, some thinly shaved fresh truffle. Packaged with a baguette and a bottle of wine, this pasta also makes a great housewarming gift. 

To buy: $6; igourmet.com.


Photo by igourmet.com

Sfoglini Special Edition Cuttlefish Ink Spaccatelli


Cuttlefish ink was originally used for manuscript writing, so it’s only fitting that we found it in this scroll-shaped pasta. With its warm, velvety flavor and subtle hints of brininess, it’ll bring the taste of Venice straight to your dinner table.

To buy: $20; food52.com.

Photo by food52.com