5 Farmer’s Market Must-Haves

Great new gear to help you make the most of those local, seasonal goodies.


Ingredienti by Marcella Hazan & Victor Hazan


This charming volume collects decades worth of culinary wisdom from the late (but legendary) Italian cookbook author, Marcella Hazan. Compiled by her husband from decades worth of notebooks Marcella kept detailing her favorite ingredients and how to use them, it’s full of inspiration and insight about everything from artichokes to zucchini. Consider it your pocket guide to la dolce vita.

To buy: $13, amazon.com.

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Living Intentions Salad Booster


Be warned: this superfood blend is super tasty—and highly addictive! Made from a nutritious mix of sprouted pumpkin, sunflower, chia, and sesame seeds, tossed with sea veggies (like kelp and spirulina) and seasoned with garlic, chile, citrus, and Himalayan salt, it offers an instant flavor boost when sprinkled over simple salads, creamy soups, roasted veggies—or even popcorn.

To buy: $4.99, livingintentions.com.

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Oxo Handheld Spiralizer


Interested in giving the veggie “noodle” craze a try but not sure about forking over the cash (let alone the storage space!) for a full-sized spiralizer? Leave it to the design geniuses at Oxo to think of a solution. This compact gadget shreds cucumbers, carrots, squash, and almost any other veggie into clean curly spirals—all while fitting in the palm of your hand.

To buy: $14.95, amazon.com.

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Baggu Yellow Banana Bag


Baggu’s well-built, stylish, and compact reusable totes have been a staple in our households for years, but we can never have too many. Thankfully, the company just keeps improving, with innovative and adorable new designs—like this tropical banana print that’s both practical (it holds up to 50 lbs!) and so sunshine-y, it’s sure to brighten even the grayest day.

To buy: $9, baggu.com.

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Matiz Catalan All I Oli


This rich Spanish-style aioli has a deep garlicky flavor and clean, fresh creaminess that is totally irresistible. Made from simple, all natural ingredients (just sunflower oil, garlic, lemon juice, and salt) it’s versatility makes it the perfect kitchen secret weapon. Try it out as a sophisticated dip for chips and pretzels, a dressing for radishes, endive, or other crudite, or slathered on sandwich bread for a next-level BLT.

To buy: $6.99, thespanishtable.com.

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