6 Delicious Fair Trade Foods Worth Supporting

Just in time for Fair Trade month, these goodies come from companies that practice sustainable farming methods, prohibit GMOs, and provide their workers with fair wages and safe working conditions. What’s not to love?


Guittard Milk Chocolate Eating Bar


The generations-old company known for its high-quality baking chocolate has a new offering made for snacking: wafer thin bars that come in seven different varieties—each containing a different percentage of cacao. This pick is one of the creamiest milk bars we’ve ever tasted.

To buy: $5 for one 2.65-ounce bar, guittard.com.

Photo by guittard.com

Ecologica Syrah Malbec 2012


Made from organically-grown grapes that are Fair Trade certified, this wine from the Rioja region of Argentina tastes like dark plummy stone fruits with a bit of oak thanks to six months of aging. Pair with roasted meats, cheese, or pasta.

To buy: $19 for one 25-ounce bottle, wineliquormart.com.

Photo by wineliquormart.com

This Bar Saves Lives Madagascar Vanilla Almond & Honey  


A short ingredient list that includes whole foods like toasted oats, vanilla beans, and chia seeds adds up to a bar that’s salty-sweet, satisfying, and healthy. Each bar is Fair Trade certified, gluten, free, and non-GMO to boot. And for every one you buy, the company’s charity partners (such as Action Against Hunger and Save the Children) give a packet of food to a child in need.

To buy: $20 for nine 1.5-ounce bars, thisbarsaveslives.com.

Photo by thisbarsaveslives.com


Natural Blue Ahi Tuna Steaks


These flash-frozen fillets from the world's first Fair Trade certified fishery are line-caught in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Bonus: sales help support small-scale fishermen in Indonesia.

To buy: $10 for one 12-ounce package, Safeway stores.

Photo by naturalblueseafood.com

Bhakti Chai Artisan Tea & Decorative Box Set


This handmade metal tin includes Fiery Masala Chai and Roibos Chai made from organic, Fair Trade rooibos with an added kick from ginger root. In other words, it's the ultimate gift for tea lovers--with a do-good twist.

To buy: $30 for two 1.1-ounce containers, bhaktichai.com.

Photo by bhaktichai.com

Barefoot & Chocolate Spreads


This creamy treat is like that familiar chocolate-hazelnut spread on the supermarket aisles, only even creamier and made with ingredients you can understand. Available in three fun flavors, including Almond Coconut Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Almond, it's a big winner when slathered on a baguette and sprinkled with sea salt for a simple but sophisticated dessert.

To buy: $8 for one 9.75-ounce jar, barefootandchocolate.com.

Photo by barefootandchocolate.com


Jovial Inherently Good Organic Einkorn Cookies


Imported from Italy, these crisp chocolate and vanilla confections are just sweet enough without being heavy or too rich.

To buy: $4.40 for one 8.8-ounce box, jovialfoods.com.

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Photo by jovialfoods.com