Not all good things come to an end, but did the Dark Chocolate Almond Bark Thins really have to?

By Betty Gold
July 09, 2020

No other grocery store has been able to create the cult-like fanbase that Trader Joe’s has amassed. Its shoppers are known for willingly driving to far-flung TJ’s locations—and waiting in lines equally as long—to stock up on much-loved items like Cauliflower Gnocchi, Pickled Beets, Frozen Gyoza, Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, even Apple Cider Drinking Vinegar (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it).

And why not? Everyone’s got their own can’t-live-without Trader Joe’s product. Sometimes, however, something devastating happens: TJ’s stops selling something we’ve found ourselves irrationally addicted to. You drove all that way, with sweaty palms and shaky hands—and it’s gone.

Here, we honor the items that have served us well. May they rest.

Oreos couldn’t come close to these green tea-flavored sandwich cookies.

Better get back on the zoodle train, because these little frozen carrot noodles are gone for good.

Never underestimate the power of TJ’s to make chocolate-anything impossibly addictive. These barely-sweet mocha squares had a powerful kick of 100 percent arabica coffee, so it felt OK to enjoy one or five at breakfast.

Trust us, our margaritas have suffered.

The only thing more cult-y than ranch dressing = Sriracha. Sigh.  

Even non-mustard fans relished this salty-cheesy concoction. It was perfect on everything from sandwiches and salmon to roasted chicken and salad. Here's hoping it's just hibernating for the season.

This was discontinued several years ago, but TJ's brought it back in 2019. Sadly, it has since disappeared from store shelves again. Fingers crossed it will be back in time for the holidays.

We’re as confused as you are. This stuff was sweet, creamy, and perfect for pairing with their wafer cookies.

We’ve fallen for their traditional waffles, pumpkin waffles, gluten-free, Belgian waffles, and blueberry waffles. But none could replace their gluten-free banana waffles.

There was so much commotion when these vegan nuggets (made from soy beans, carrots, and tofu) disappeared that fans actually created a petition to bring them back. Sadly, they were unsuccessful.

It almost made the Tofu Edamame Nugget farewell easier, since this was their ideal dipping sauce.

This frozen pie—topped with roasted red peppers, provolone, and mozzarella balls—was kid-friendly and took zero effort to cook.

First the banana waffles, now this?

The good news is that Trader Joe’s now sells a similar product in cracker form, but they just aren’t the same. We have high hopes that these make a debut in the fall once again.

Say what you want about the concept—these chips were outrageously delicious. They were the perfect sweet-salty-sour trifecta, almost as if kettle corn and sour cream and onion chips had a baby (but better).