Get ready for your most sophisticated charcuterie board or cheese plate ever.

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Crate and Barrel cheese and charcuterie board collections - the Party Starter

Convincing friends to come over for a wine and charcuterie night: easy. Putting that charcuterie board or cheese plate together the evening-of: so challenging as to be potentially tear-inducing. Unless the host or hostess is particularly well-versed in cheeses and prepared meats (plus crackers, nuts, fruit, and more), planning a beautiful, complementary, and tasty charcuterie board can be almost frightening, especially if the guests’ tastes vary or are unknown.

Fear no more because Crate & Barrel—that same home goods emporium that stocks a virtually endless array of gorgeous cheese and charcuterie boards and accessories—is also now stocking cheese and prepared meats. With this development, Crate & Barrel has made itself a one-stop shop for casual gatherings, impromptu cheese nights, and last-minute soirees. (The wine will still have to come from the local wine shop or liquor store.)

To the delight of meat and cheese lovers everywhere, Crate & Barrel now stocks 27 new cheese and prepared meat collections, which range in price from $40 to $200. They have mildly descriptive names such as The Ultimate Cheeseboard, The Crowd Pleaser, and Regional West Coast Cheese Collection, and most come with a variety of cheeses, meats, or both. Some even come with dried apricots, dried cranberries, and mixed nuts for a complete charcuterie experience. (Unfortunately, it will still be up to the host or hostess to display the cheese, meat, and snack fixings in the most beautiful way possible.)

Online, Crate & Barrel breaks down the composition of each cheese collection, telling potential cheese-buyers exactly what they’ll get in their order and in what quantities. With a pre-planned charcuterie package, gone are the fears that the cheese flavors will clash or that the prepared meats won’t go well with the mixed nuts. The glory of a pre-made plate is that there are no decisions to be made, and with Crate & Barrel’s expert hosts at the wheel, home wine-and-cheese-night planners can be certain that the flavors will meld nicely and appeal to all tastes.

Anyone partial to certain cheeses or prepared meats (or unable to tolerant the presence of others) may want to stick to their own cheese-preparing devices (the same goes for vegans, vegetarians, dairy-allergic folk, etc.), but those looking for a stress-free charcuterie board might be surprisingly pleased by Crate & Barrel’s selection. (And even if the cheese isn’t from a preferred brand or local farm, at least little-to-no decision-induced anxiety is involved.)

The cheese collections ship directly from vendors to locations within the 48 contiguous states (the collections are not sold in stores) according to the website. See the entire selection here.