Cheese 101 

It’s a satisfying snack and an easy appetizer. Here’s what you need to know about choosing, storing, serving, and sampling cheese.

The Basics

Choosing a Cheese for Your Pasta Dish

Grated or crumbled, there's a cheese that's right for your noodles and sauce.

Nutritional Values of Cheese

Here’s what you get per ounce (about a one-inch cube) from some cheese-plate regulars.

5 Recipes for Cheddar Cheese

Delicious, surefire dishes, from beer-soaked soup to mac and cheese.


New Ideas

3 Secrets to Making the Perfect Mac and Cheese

When done right, this comforting classic beats the box any day. 

The Best Block Cheeses

Staffers nibbled on 80 types (holy cow!) to find the best picks for slicing, shredding, and assembling a cheese platter.