5 Fun Finds for Chai Tea Lovers

It’s time to take the spice blend beyond the tea bag.


Sweet Chai-Spiced Popcorn


Combining a variety of fragrant spices with crunchy, sticky caramel corn results in the perfect sweet and savory snack for any time of day. You may never go back to traditional kernels.

To buy: $8, mouth.com.

Photo by mouth.com

Tea Crafted for Cocktails


Chai doesn’t have to be reserved for morning tea. The Coco-Lada mixer in this set of three blends chai spices with black tea, coconut, pineapple juice, and agave. Try mixing it into tequila, spiced rum, or even champagne.

To buy: $28, food52.com.

Photo by food52.com

Alma Bonbons


Chai Caramel is just one of 16 bonbon flavors included in this delectable set. Other stand-outs include Salted Peanut Butter Cup, Rosewater Caramel, and Deux Pistachios. Its lovely packaging makes it a simply stunning gift.

To buy: $54, deandeluca.com.

Photo by deandeluca.com


Williams Sonoma Spiced Tea Candle


The warm spices of chai lend themselves perfectly to a candle, which has a soothing aroma that combines citrus and spice. Keep it in your bedroom to create a calming environment.

To buy: $10, williams-sonoma.com.

Photo by williams-sonoma.com

Chai Spice Peanut Almond Butter


Mixing peanut butter and almond butter is downright genius, and adding a chai spice blend (and a drizzle of wildflower honey) makes it all the more compelling. Eat it by the spoonful, spread it onto toast, or scoop it onto ice cream.

To buy: $17, mouth.com.

Photo by mouth.com