6 Brunch-time Treats

These specialty foods will take your morning meal from alright to restaurant-worthy.


Debutante Farmer Bloody Mary Mix


A small Mississippi-based tomato farm creates this mix from their own tomatoes plus zingy lime juice. Each bottle makes about five drinks, and tastes fresher than any concoction you could make at home (thanks to tomatoes picked at peak ripeness).

To buy: $15 for three 25.2-ounce bottles, debutantefarmer.com.

Photo by debutantefarmer.com

1732 Meats Jalapeño Bacon


Unlike anything you’d find in the supermarket aisle, these slices are slow-roasted instead of smoked – so you can taste the heritage Berkshire pork more clearly. Cured with cilantro and jalapeños, the perfectly marbled meat has a spicy finish.

To buy: $13 for one 8-ounce package, mouth.com.

Photo by mouth.com

Hayden Flour Mills Heritage Baking Mixes


From a 100-year-old flour mill, these mixes are made from minimally processed ancient varieties of wheat. In addition to a cornbread mix, the set includes three pancake mixes—white flour, red fife flour (hearty and nutty), and purple barley flour (which actually makes purple pancakes!).

To buy: $28 for four 16-ounce containers, haydenflourmills.com.

Photo by haydenflourmills.com


La Bandita Blueberry & Prosecco Jelly


Add a touch of booze to your morning meal with this Italian spread, made from blueberries, lemon, and bubbly.

To buy: $9.95, trytheworld.com.

Photo by trytheworld.com

Elixr Bee Keeper Espresso


A blend of beans from Brazil and Colombia, this pick brews a strong espresso or cappuccino—but has a mild complex flavor full of black tea and caramel notes. Great for coffee and tea drinkers alike.

To buy: $16.20 for one 12-ounce package, elixrcoffee.com.

Photo by elixrcoffee.com

Zabar’s Handsliced Nova Salmon


Unlike any shrink-wrapped variety, this cold-smoked salmon from the classic Manhattan market is so tender and buttery that it practically melts in your mouth. Each fillet is hand-cut into paper-thin pieces, making for almost translucent slices that will be a pretty arrangement on any platter.

To buy: $29.98 for one 8-ounce package, zabars.com.

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Photo by zabars.com