There’s a good chance you’re still not drinking enough water.

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Water serves a lot of important roles, among them working as a transportation service for nutrients to travel, lubricating joints and improving skin elasticity, and keeping the body hydrated, especially important in hotter, summer months when temperatures rise and skin sweats out moisture in its attempt to self-regulate.

To help ensure you’re getting your fill, without having to worry about liquids leaking all over your backpack or that chic new office tote, we rounded up some of the most sophisticated, spill-safe bottles on the market. From big-gulp chugs to wide-mouth canteens (and even straw styles), read on for the best high-performing picks that will keep contents cool and contained.

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water bottle hydroflask

1 Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle

$35 for 24 oz,

Get a grip (literally) with this water bottle from Hydro Flask, which features a special TempShield insulation system and powder coat to ensure water stays cold (up to 24 hours) and help combat condensation—especially important during those high-sweat HIIT classes! 

water bottle swell

2 S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

$35 for 17 oz,

S’well has garnered a cult following for its special Therma-S’well cooling system, triple-layered, vacuum-sealed stainless steel design, and chic finishes. This new Starry Dome pattern is perfect for stargazing, whether you’re embracing the great outdoors or just zoning out in spin class.


3 MOBOT Grace Foam Roller Water Bottle

$50 for 27 oz,

‘Designed to feel good,’ this innovation from MOBOT serves as a sustainable water bottle and foam roller in one. And you don’t need to worry about losing your liquids while lifting or loosening those muscles—even with a built-in straw, it stays completely sealed. 

water bottle yeti

4 YETI Rambler Bottle with Chug Cap

$35 for 18 oz,

This rambler from YETI has a near-perfect rating from close to 4,000 reviewers who hail its ability to maintain icy temperatures without spilling or working up a big sweat. Remove the TripleHaul handle to access the spout for more controlled sips, or the entire cap for bigger chug sessions. 

water bottle que bottle

5 Que Bottle


Perfect for the gulper on the go, Que’s leak- and shock-proof bottles are made with 100 percent food grade silicone that scrunches or stretches to the size you need. Even better, proceeds from every purchase go to acquiring and protecting land in the Peruvian Amazon forest.


6 Corkcicle Sports Canteen

$45 for 20 oz,

Make it a mocktail with Corkcicle’s line of triple-insulated, shaker-shaped canteens. Not only does the wide-mouthed design allow for drinks on the rocks, but the sports version features a flip straw and tough exterior for testing your body’s limits.

water bottle kleen kanteen

7 Klean Kanteen Insulated TKWide Bottle

$30 for 16 oz,

The new and improved version of Klean Kanteen’s Insulated Wide Bottle features a custom TK (thermal kanteen) technology for keeping drinks colder (up to 47 hours) than ever. A chip-resistant Klean Coat finish and vacuum-insulated loop cap also allow for secure keeping and carrying.


8 Welly Traveler

$35 for 18 oz,

Welly’s sleek travelers make staying hydrated look, feel, and taste good. The eco-friendly, vacuum-insulated bottle is equipped with a removable infuser for adding a touch of natural flavor (the brand also donates a portion of proceeds to clean water projects worldwide).