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The 15 Best Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services for Plant-Based Eaters

Plant-powered meals for every lifestyle.
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Having healthy meals delivered to your home is a smart investment for many reasons: You can skip the grocery store, reduce meal prep time (and kitchen messes), and enjoy dishes that nourish your body without sacrificing flavor. More importantly, meal delivery services offer delicious foods for all types of eaters. Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle or simply enjoy plant-based meals, there are a variety of vegetarian and vegan meal kits to upgrade your weekly menu. 

The Best Vegan and Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services of 2021


Best Overall: Purple Carrot

From $72/week,

Purple Carrot's meal delivery service is entirely plant-based, offering dishes for vegans, vegetarians, and health-conscious eaters. You can choose from a wide selection of bowls, soups, and entrées, with each one taking between 30 and 40 minutes to cook. Dinner choices include drool-worthy meals like veggie tortas made with cauliflower walnut meat and eggplant parmesan paired with lemon basil couscous. In addition to dinner meal kits, the brand provides delivery services for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. These categories don't have as many options as the dinner section, but they're convenient for those who want to get every meal delivered straight to their doorstep. 

Pricing: Purple Carrot's two-serving meal plan has delivery options for three or four dinners a week at $12 per serving. The four-serving meal plan features two or three dinners a week at $10 per serving. 

Availability: Purple Carrot delivers meals across the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. 

Customer review: "[I've] been a vegan for about 30 years, so I'm a tough customer," Lisa Z. says. "[Purple Carrot's] meals are substantial, interesting, and flavorful. Just enough prep, as I don't want meals made FOR me."


Best Organic: Sprinly

From $109/week,

Thanks to its ready-to-eat meals, Sprinly's organic meal delivery service is ideal for busy people who don't have time to cook. Just heat the vegan meals for three minutes and enjoy. Because Sprinly is a fresh food delivery service, the pre-made meals are made with top-notch ingredients and packed with flavor. To sign up, choose your meal frequency—six, 12, or 18 meals per week—then pick which dishes you want added to your delivery—like bean-packed marinara with gluten-free pasta or cashew "parmesan" and vegetable tikka masala. Use discount code VIP50OFF5 for $50 off five weeks of Sprinly meals.

Pricing: Sprinly's weekly meal plans cost between $109 and $289 with free delivery. The ready-to-eat meals arrive on Tuesdays or Wednesdays in insulated boxes. 

Availability: Sprinly ships to states on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and in the South. 

Customer review: "So much time and detail [goes] into every meal," Stephanie V. says. "Sprinly lets me try (and show off) so many unique plant-based meals!"


Best for Families: HelloFresh

From $59/week,

HelloFresh's menu is full of family-friendly recipes, including plant-based dinners for vegetarians. There are usually six or seven diverse vegetarian entrées to add to your order each week, such as pastas, tacos, and veggie and grain bowls. In the past, spinach gnocchi with heirloom tomatoes and Middle Eastern-inspired chickpea bowls have been featured on the menu. Unfortunately, the company doesn't offer vegan dishes at the moment.

HelloFresh meal plan options are super flexible and versatile. For the plan size, you can choose between two and six meals to feed two or four people. For meal preferences, you make up to three selections from these six options: Meat and Veggies, Veggie, Family Friendly, Calorie Smart, Quick and Easy, and Pescatarian. With these flexible plans, families can pick a variety of recipes with or without certain ingredients to create a dinner menu that meets everyone's needs. 

Pricing: HelloFresh plans start at $9 per serving or $59 per week, including $9 shipping. The weekly meal plans are designed for two or four people and contain between two and six recipes. 

Availability: HelloFresh delivers everywhere in the U.S. except for Hawaii and Alaska.

Customer review: "My family has been subscribing to HelloFresh for about six months. We haven't had a bad meal yet," Melody says. "My kids are vegetarian, and my husband and I don't eat much meat. There are plenty of options available so we don't get bored. It's easy to opt out a week if you want to. I really think the value, variety, and deliciousness of the meals make HelloFresh a great option for families."

Editor Review: "I continue to order HelloFresh meals because they're delicious and the brand keeps my deliveries from feeling stale through its menu rotations," Leah says. "By changing up the recipes, I'm introduced to new entrées and combinations, something I did not experience with my go-to grocery hauls."

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Best for Couples: Blue Apron

From $48/week,

Prepared with seasonal produce, Blue Apron's Vegetarian meal plan is full of fresh and flavorful dishes. Each week, there are about four vegetarian-friendly meal options, and at least one of them fits under the Wellness category. You can expect to see flatbreads, veggie burgers, pastas, and stir frys on the weekly menu, like pesto and kale pasta and fontina and pepper focaccia pizza. For those who want nutritionist-approved entrées, look for recipes that are flagged with a Wellness symbol. The dishes take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to make. 

Blue Apron has four meal plans, including Vegetarian for Two, Wellness for Two, Signature for Two, and Signature for Four. With the Vegetarian for Two option, you can choose either two or three recipes each week that serve two people. If you have more than one or two people to feed, the Signature for Four plan is your best choice. It includes four servings per recipe, and you can select two, three, or four recipes from any of the menus each week. Bonus: You can add Blue Apron's new single-serving microwavable meals to your order that are perfect for quick work lunches. 

Pricing: Blue Apron's Signature, Vegetarian, and Wellness meal plans cost $10 per serving. The Signature for Four weekly meal plan costs $8 per serving for four meals and $9 per serving for two meals. Shipping is $8.

Availability: Blue Apron ships everywhere in the U.S. besides Alaska and Hawaii.  

Customer review: "Fantastic service! We love the vegetarian selections and could not be happier with the ingredients quality and ease of preparation," Michael says. "The variety of choices is wonderful as is the customer service if we have any questions. We've tried several other services and Blue Apron is hands down our favorite. Highly recommended."

Editor review: "There's enough variety that I get some options when I choose my meals for the week, but not so much that I'm overwhelmed," Lauren says. "The recipes are delicious: I actively crave the pizza dough that goes into pizza, flatbread, and Stromboli recipes and get excited when I see particularly amazing dishes, like the quiches, pop up on my queue. I've tried ingredients I never thought I'd like—hi, shishito peppers!—and even expanded my culinary palate."


Best Frozen: Daily Harvest

From $54/week,

Don't let the word frozen send you the wrong message: Daily Harvest's frozen vegan meal delivery features ingredients that are harvested at peak-season ripeness. Plus, most meals are made entirely from organic ingredients without any dairy, gluten, or artificial fillers. The healthy meal delivery service offers two weekly plans with nine or 14 food items per box as well as a 24-item plan that can be delivered either weekly or monthly. No matter which plan you choose, each one lets you pick what food items you want included in the box. Daily Harvest provides vegan meals and snacks you can eat at any time of the day, including smoothies, flatbreads, and oat bowls. Between chocolate blueberry smoothies and spinach and artichoke flatbreads, these meals simultaneously fuel your body and satisfy your tastebuds.  

Pricing: Each food item available on Daily Harvest costs between $6 and $9, which means meal subscription boxes start at $54 and go up to $216. You can pause your subscription at any time. 

Availability: Daily Harvest ships almost everywhere in the United States, but you can check to make sure it delivers to your specific zip code on its website. 

Customer review: "I'm so thankful for Daily Harvest," Lauren says. "I started out ordering smoothies, then added soups to my order, and now I order flatbreads for dinner each night. They're on the pricey side, but 100 percent worth it in my opinion. I've spent years trying out so many different meal delivery platforms, and this one is the best by far."

My review: "Each food item on Daily Harvest's menu is so fresh and energizing. Consisting of so many fruits and vegetables, the meals and snacks don't leave me feeling sluggish but instead fuel my body and mind to stay on top of my goals all day long. My fave smoothie is the mint and cacao one (it actually does taste like mint chip ice cream!) and the best harvest bowl, in my opinion, is cauliflower rice with pesto." 


Best Pre-Made Meals: Fresh N' Lean

From $52/week,

Fresh N' Lean is for people who want to form healthy eating habits that fit within their busy schedule. The meals are made with mostly organic produce, fully prepared before they arrive at your doorstep, and approved by dietitians. When you're ready to eat, simply pop the tray in the microwave for three minutes. 

The prepared meal delivery service offers a large selection of high-protein vegan recipes that feature plant-based chicken, beyond burgers, beans, lentils, and tofu. The vegan menu has an average of 19 grams of protein per serving. There are six additional meal plans available, including keto and paleo. 

Pricing: Fresh N' Lean's meals cost between $10 and $16 per meal or between $52 and $204 per week. It has free shipping. 

Availability: Fresh N' Lean delivers to all 50 states. 

Customer review: "I'm on the Vegan Standard meal plan, and I can't say enough about the flavor, texture, and creativity of each meal," RaeAnn says. "They have the perfect balance of macros to keep me powered through my workouts and full during long work days. And don't even get me started on the convenience. You guys are killing it!"


Most Customizable: Sunbasket

From $56/week,

Sunbasket has strong company values, such as focusing on organic ingredients, using recyclable or compostable packaging, and donating food to programs like Second Harvest Food Bank and Farmers Against Hunger. When it comes to its meal plans, Sunbasket provides a variety of options to suit different lifestyles and dietary needs, including meal kits and ready-to-eat meals. The vegetarian plan has meals for all plant-based eaters, and you can make the plan vegan by specifying your meal preferences as "avoid dairy." Not just limited to plant-based meals: The meal plans are so customizable that you can uncheck boxes like "avoid beef" in the vegetarian plan to order meals for non-vegan family members, too. Main courses include options like sweet and sour tofu and seared romaine salad topped with chickpeas, and all meals are given stamps of approval by in-house dietitians.    

Pricing: Sunbasket's meal subscription boxes start at $9 per serving or cost between $56 and $176 per week, depending on how many meals and servings you choose. Shipping usually costs an additional $8 at checkout. 

Availability: Sunbasket delivers nationwide, excluding Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, and some areas of New Mexico. 

Customer review: "I recently switched to a vegan lifestyle and had difficulty finding a meal plan delivery service that met my dietary needs," Kay M. says. "Sunbasket offers a few different vegan options to [choose] from each week. My boyfriend is not vegan and still loves to eat meat. I love how Sunbasket allows me to change a vegan meal out for a meat meal." 

My Review: "I love how Sunbasket offers meal kits and prepared meals. As someone who enjoys cooking, the meal kits are fun to prepare when I have time to make dinner. When I'm in a rush (usually around lunchtime), the ready-to-eat dishes are so easy to pop in the microwave and taste way better and are much healthier than take out. My favorite recipes are the fish po' boy bowl and the Fresh & Ready shrimp paella."


Best Splurge: Sakara Life

From $109/week,

Sakara Life's ready-to-eat meals are created in line with the company's nine pillars of nutrition, including plant protein, eat the rainbow, and good fats. Not only are these meals packed with nutrients, they are also aesthetically pleasing. With a rotating weekly menu, the brand offers photogenic dishes like protein waffles and veggie satay bowls that are often garnished with flower petals. In addition to Instagram-worthy meals, Sakara Life features supplements and teas to help support digestion and overall health. All the meals are plant-based, but the company does occasionally use honey and bee pollen in its recipes. 

There are three meal plans to choose from—including the Signature, Detox, and Brides programs—with each one providing weekly meal kits containing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And since you get a full day's worth of meals, this weekly meal delivery service is worth every penny for those wanting something that requires zero outside meal prep. 

Pricing: Sakara Life's weekly Signature Program costs between $109 and $420. 

Availability: Sakara ships to every state in the United States except for Alaska and Hawaii. 

Customer review: "I love Sakara for so many reasons! I've been getting delivery for four years now," Lily A. says. "It is my go-to for healthy, clean eating—it's delicious and easy for a mom on the go!"


Best for Los Angeles Residents: Vegin' Out

From $130/week,

If you live in California, Vegin' Out is the best vegan meal delivery service for you. It offers cheaper meal plans and delivery fees for those who live in and outside the Los Angeles area compared to the rest of the country. As a prepared meal delivery service, the vegan dishes arrive fully cooked so all you have to do is warm them up in the microwave or oven. 

The vegan menu changes every week, but it always consists of entrées, side dishes, breakfast options, and customer-loved cookies. In the past, peanut curry and Caribbean tofu stew have been featured on the menu. There is even a vegan diabetic-friendly meal plan available for those who need to monitor their blood sugar levels. 

Pricing: Since Vegin' Out is a California-based company, prices are lower for those who live in Los Angeles and other parts of Northern and Southern California. Weekly delivery in Los Angeles starts at $130, and for the rest of California it starts at $148. For the other states, prices start at $190. Shipping costs depend on where you live. 

Availability: Vegin' Out delivers throughout the U.S., excluding Alaska and Hawaii. 

Customer review: "Vegin' Out has been a godsend for me," McKerrin says. "As a busy personal trainer and actor, I am often in the frustrating position of preaching healthy eating while being unable to find the time in my 18-hour days for cooking healthy organic food. Vegin' Out has allowed me to practice what I preach in a delicious, easy, economical way. I feel healthier overall."


Best for New Vegans: Mosaic Foods

From $5/item,

Starting a vegan lifestyle can be intimidating, challenging, and overwhelming. But don't worry, Mosaic Foods lets you skip the guesswork and delivers tasty plant-based meals that take minutes to prepare. The vegan meal delivery service offers oat bowls, soups, and veggie bowls, which means you can order entrées for every meal of the day. 

Veggie bowls might seem boring, but don't overlook them. Mosaic Foods' chefs get creative with their recipes, providing a wide range of flavors and ingredients in every dish. Examples include chipotle mango burrito bowls, ginger sesame noodles, and creamy pesto cavatappi. The oat bowls and soups are just as delicious. There's a creamy roasted garlic cauliflower soup that would pair perfectly with a toasted sandwich and both savory and sweet oat bowl options, such as peanut butter banana and sundried tomato. 

Pricing: To score free shipping, orders need to be over $100. Oat bowls start at $5, soups start at $8, and veggie bowls start at $9. 

Availability: The website claims it delivers to the majority of urban cities located in the Western and Eastern parts of the U.S. To make sure Mosaic Foods can ship to your area, you can enter your zip code on their website. 

Customer review: "I have loved my experience with Mosaic. ... The meals are amazing. They are so convenient to have on hand as I transition into a vegan lifestyle," Caroline says. "The meals are fresh and flavorful, and I don't feel like I am lacking anything with these dishes when I sit down for a meal. The portions are generous, and everything I have tried has been top quality."


Best for Fitness Goals: Trifecta

From $90.93/week,

If you work hard in the gym, it's important to fuel your body with balanced meals post workout. Trifecta is a great alternative to spending hours in the kitchen meal prepping. It has vegan and vegetarian meal plans that feature recipes prepared by professional chefs and approved by Trifecta's registered dietitians—not to mention take two minutes to heat in the microwave. On top of balanced meals, you can get advice from Trifecta's nutrition experts and track your daily fitness goals in the company's app. 

Trifecta offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options as well as a third entrée option per day, all of which feature organic ingredients and seasonal produce. You can choose to have five or seven days worth of meals delivered to your home each week. Although the service doesn't let you select which meals you want, you are able to specify food preferences and allergies. Sample meals include roasted brussels sprouts with quinoa and crispy tofu skillet with fresh vegetables. 

Pricing: Trifecta's weekly meal plans cost between $91 and $289 with free shipping.

Availability: Trifecta delivers to all 50 states. 

Customer review: "Huge fan. Been on the service for three months now, and it gets better with every delivery," John says. "Even had a recent FedEx problem with a delayed delivery, and they handled it to perfection. Food is great, I'm on the Vegan plan, and have been really impressed with the variety."


Best Gluten-Free: Green Chef

From $72/week,

Green Chef not only meets the needs of vegans but also gluten-free diets with its Plant-Powered meal kit. The menu changes every week, however, recipes for soups, salads, sandwiches, and power bowls are usually in the rotation. If your partner or family members eat differently than you, there are also Keto + Paleo and Balanced Living meal plans available. Each meal subscription box offers plans for two, four, or six people and gives you the option of receiving three or four meals per week. Green Chef meals feature pre-measured ingredients (all organic!) to whip up recipes in about 30 minutes. It's the perfect choice for those who still want to cook without meal planning or grocery shopping.  

Pricing: Green Chef's meal kits start at $10 per serving, plus shipping costs of at least $9. Weekly deliveries start at $72, including three meals with two servings each.  

Availability: Green Chef delivers to all states except for Alaska, Hawaii, and some areas of Louisiana. 

Customer review: "My husband is on a gluten-free diet right now. Their gluten-free meals turned out amazing," Mekia O says. "I never knew that swiss chard could actually taste good, and I never thought my kids would actually eat squash!"


Best for Home Cooks: Hungryroot

From $59/delivery,

Love to cook but need help with vegan meal ideas? Hungryroot is your one-stop shop for online grocery shopping and recipes—plant-based, of course. To get started, you're asked how many people you're feeding, your dietary needs, your typical eating habits, and other questions to help Hungryroot create a customized grocery list and meal plan for you. Once you complete the questionnaire, the brand suggests how many servings and meals should be delivered to you each week. Want to make adjustments? You can easily add or delete servings to make a plan that works best for you. Whether you want global flavors or healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods, Hungryroot offers feel-good recipes for every craving. Bonus: Use code MEREDITH30 to save 30% on your first two orders (plus free gifts!) now until November 5.     

Pricing: Hungryroot's weekly deliveries start at $59 or $9 per serving, depending on your customized meal plan. 

Availability: Hungryroot delivers to most zip codes across the country, but it doesn't ship to Alaska or Hawaii. 

Customer review: "My children and I have truly enjoyed the dishes so far, and as a working mom, this simplifies things for me when I am running low on time and energy," Christine M. says. "I care about taste in addition to healthy dishes, and these are delicious and nutritious."


Most Sustainable: Boycemode

From $75/week,

Buying products from Black-owned businesses (along with educating yourself and donating to social justice organizations) shows your support for the Black community. Although there are many Black-owned meal delivery services available, Boycemode is one of favorite vegan options. 

Inspired by his own health journey, Sam Boyce founded his plant-based meal prep company, Boycemode, after realizing the best way to reach his health goals was through proper nutrition. Now he's sharing his healthy-yet-delicious meals to help others become healthier versions of themselves, too. While Boycemode's menu changes weekly, you can expect vegan meals focused on nutrition and flavor, such as Thai noodle salad with peanut sauce dressing and creamy chickpea curry with brown rice. You can customize your meal plan to receive additional meals, smoothies, or gluten-free foods. Bonus: Boycemode cares about the environment, so every meal comes in 100 percent compostable packaging. 

Pricing: Boycemode's weekly vegan subscription boxes start around $13 per serving. If you want to get the full package, consider the introductory trial—on sale right now for $119 (was $195). It includes five days' worth of lunches, dinners, morning wellness drinks, meal replacement smoothies, and two daily snacks. 

Availability: Delivery is available to 21 states, including Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia. Boycemode delivers meals on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. If you want to subscribe, place your order by 4 p.m. ET on Fridays to receive your first meal at the beginning of the following week. 

Customer review: "Boycemode has changed the game for me," Mark D. says. "When I made the switch to go vegan, it was hard to stay consistent with meals, and I was always spending too much money. Boycemode meals taste like I'm eating out, but it actually is a home-cooked meal."


Best High-Protein: Veestro

From $111/week,

All of Veestro's ready-to-eat meals are made without meat, dairy, eggs, and honey and only take five minutes to heat up. The vegan meal delivery service features breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you don't have to do any additional grocery shopping. For lunch and dinner, you can feast on savory entrées like portobello steak dinner, and for breakfast, you can get sweet dishes like oatmeal breakfast pie. 

The brand offers a customizable meal delivery service, the a la carte plan, which consists of 10, 20, or 30 meals per week. More than just plant-based meal options, the a la carte plan lets you choose dishes that meet your dietary preferences—including high-protein meal delivery. Because vegan diets exclude animal proteins like meat and eggs, it's important to eat meals with healthy plant-based protein sources like beans, lentils, and nuts. Luckily, Veestro's high-protein meal plan provides dinner options that contain between 14 and 37 grams of protein, with some of the top-rated dishes being vegan crab cakes and farro ragout. 

Pricing: Veestro's a la carte plan costs about $10 to $11 per meal or between $111 and $281 per week. 

Availability: Veestro delivers almost everywhere in the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. 

Customer review: "The Starter Pack is delicious. I really love the food," Dorothy B. says. "Easy to prepare and very flavorful. I look forward to eating every meal."

What Is the Best Vegan Meal Delivery Service?

When it comes to choosing the best vegan delivery service, consider your budget, number of servings, cooking level, and dietary needs. Also, take into account how much time you want (or don't want) to spend preparing the meals. 

If your main goal is to make a meal as quickly as possible, plenty of brands deliver pre-made meals that only require a few minutes of cook time. It's important to note that these mess-free meals usually provide just enough food for one person. Seasoned at-home chefs, families, and couples might instead reach for weekly meal subscription boxes, featuring perfectly portioned ingredients that create satisfying meals for multiple people in about 30 minutes.   

Like vegan restaurants, each meal delivery service puts their own twist on plant-based dishes. Love to explore new flavors? Sprinly offers unique ready-to-eat meals like sesame-crusted tofu and lentil bolognese pasta. Want to support Black-owned businesses? Boycemode has weekly subscriptions that feature nutrient-packed meals, such as creamy chickpea curry and stir-fried tempeh with vegetables. Bonus: Many brands use organic ingredients and provide gluten-free, nut-free, and low-sodium options to meet dietary needs.  

Are Vegan Meal Kits Worth It?

Meal kits are designed to make your life easier. They offer a simple, healthier alternative to takeout on busy days and can reduce your weekly expenses with fewer trips to restaurants. Simply put, vegan meal kits can save you time and money. They're also customizable. Want to skip a meal kit delivery or two when you're on vacation? You definitely can—just remember to check the brand's deadline so you don't receive unwanted boxes or charges to your card.