Yep, Trader Joe’s has everything you need for the holidays ahead.

By Ariel Klein
Updated November 21, 2019

I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t absolutely obsessed with Trader Joe’s, and I totally understand why. Each week, It feels as if there are delicious new dips, fun snacks, and another rendition of cauliflower something. And with Thanksgiving around the corner, I’m even more grateful for Trader Joe’s than ever before.

Between going to Friendsgivings and hosting my family this year for the very first time, the holiday stress is officially on! That’s why I’ll be making a trip to TJ’s to grab plenty of goodies for my friend’s potluck and some for my own feast, too.

We’ve put together a list of some of the more irresistible desserts from Trader Joe's to satisfy every sweet tooth this Thanksgiving. From cookies to cheesecake to Lil bites and ice cream, there’s something to please any type of crowd. I plan to buy at least five boxes of the Milk Chocolate Turkeys to decorate my dessert table, for what it's worth.


If you don’t have a family holiday cookie recipes of your own, this Maple, Pecan, and Cranberry Cookie baking mix will do just fine. The aromatic maple flavor pairs perfectly with crunchy pecan pieces and tart dried cranberries. Ready in under 30 minutes (including prep time), these cookies will be a delightful addition to anything thanksgiving dessert table. Plus, you technically baked them yourself.


Not sure what to bring to your Friendsgiving feast? TJ’s Pumpkin Cheesecake is the way to go. Why spend $30 for a cake or pie at a fancy bakery when you can spend $6.99 on an equally delicious cheesecake? Also, let’s be real, your friends will most likely demolish it before the sun goes down. Another reason to grab one of these cheesecakes: they’re made without artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives—just real pumpkin, smooth and creamy cream cheese, and pumpkin pie spices.


Here's the thing. This ice cream is the real deal. TJ’s created the tastiest frozen dessert: maple syrup ice cream with Triple Ginger Cookie pieces mixed in, plus a golden maple swirl for good measure. And man, oh man is it worth the sugar rush. Pair a scoop with apple pie or make homemade ice cream sandwiches. You could also totally eat this ice cream on its own and be just as satisfied. Fingers crossed TJ’s decides to carry this one all year round.

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If you’re a chocolate lover but still want to indulge in the taste of traditional Thanksgiving desserts, grab one (or even two) of these Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars from TJ’s. The filling is an irresistible combination of semi-sweet chocolate, pecans, and brown sugar, and it’s all baked in a buttery, crispy crust. This a great option for feeding a large crowd since it can be served in small slices.


If you’re having company over and need an easy but fancy-looking dessert, A Dozen Sweet Bites is a must. Try each delectable little cake with flavors like Chocolate & Coffee “Opera” Cake, Raspberry Macaron Aux Framboises Cake, and Caramel and Chocolate Cake. You might even be able to fib and say they’re homemade.


Anyone who says they wouldn’t eat a milk chocolate turkey is lying. These adorable mini chocolate turkeys make a great hostess gift and they're perfect for jazzing up a centerpiece on the dessert table. You could even use them as place settings for each guest. There’s a limited supply of these birds and they’re just $3.99 per pack, so you better get to shopping!

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