Add every single one of these condiments to your shopping list. Then keep them there.

By Joey Skladany
February 17, 2021

Condiments can make or break a meal, especially with simple ingredients like grilled chicken or roasted vegetables as a base. Whether your intention is to dip, lather, or squeeze, these sweet, spicy, salty, and sometimes creamy sauces have become staples in our fridges and pantries

Unsurprisingly, Trader Joe's offers a diverse line-up of condiments to satisfy our many culinary needs and cravings. And while some of these jars and bottles serve very specific purposes, we've rounded up a list* of condiments that should earn permanent spots on your weekly grocery list. Check them out below, then head over to our roundup of the best Trader Joe's sauces for even more options for low-lift, flavor-packed meals. 

(*Disclaimer: Sorry, summer truffle ketchup fans. For the sake of brevity, seasonal items are not included.)


This sauce hybrid combines three pantry staples—mayo, garlic sauce, and mustard—for a gourmet dipping experience. It'll also bring some necessary tang to any meat-heavy charcuterie board. 


The Trader Joe’s innovation team has combined the best of both worlds, soy sauce and teriyaki, with its appropriately-titled Soyaki. While it maintains the consistency of the former, the added sugar, ginger, and garlic make it an ideal dipping sauce for gyoza, stir-fry, and even sushi. 


The Japanese citrus really shines in this delectably bright and zesty option, which can liven up anything from a grilled chicken breast to sautéed shrimp. You can even add a dash or two to your favorite heavy salad dressings to bring some subtle heat and acidity.


Cilantro may be a polarizing ingredient, but the herb shines in this Middle Eastern-inspired sauce that can be served as a dip, spread on sandwiches, or spooned right on top of falafel. It also makes a great finishing sauce for skewered vegetables during summer grilling season. 


If time is of the essence and you simply can’t find a moment to peel and chop garlic, this pungent spread has you covered. It can easily be used to dollop on pasta or coat a slice of toasted bread, but feel free to experiment by mixing it into mashed potatoes or even a savory oatmeal to enhance its flavor. 


Our obsession with truffle knows no bounds and this dip is no exception. Its base of ricotta, Parmesan, and cream cheese provides a luxurious mouthfeel with black truffle paste and white truffle-infused olive oil as its stars. Unfortunately, this tub is always marked as limited edition, so get your hands on it as soon as you see it. It mostly likely won’t be around for long. 


Desserts deserve condiments, too, and Trader Joe’s thick and creamy iteration of salted caramel is one of the best on the market. Top it on apple slices or vanilla ice cream or eat it straight from the jar when nobody’s looking.