A Definitive Ranking of the 6 Best Salads From Trader Joe's

These will help you say goodbye to sad desk lunches for good.

Life is busy, and having easy, healthy, and quick lunches on hand is as important as ever. We're all about meal-prepping, but sometimes you just need a grab-and-go option to get you through a workday, to pack for an impromptu picnic, or to throw in the cooler for a road trip vacation. Per usual, Trader Joe's has you covered with a huge selection of premade salads and salad kits, all for under $5.

To save you from salad buyer's remorse, we tried and tested the salad selections from everyone's favorite affordable grocer. And we came up with a definitive ranking of the best six options on the shelves. You can find the salad kits in the produce section alongside the bagged lettuces, and the boxed salads are over with the rest of the prepared foods.

Some TJ's salads are fine but didn't make the cut for our favorites. The Greek, for example, was edible but lacked substance and could be easily thrown together at home for a more satisfying version. Rather than buying their Caesar, we suggest picking up some romaine, croutons, parm, and a high-quality Caesar dressing—the one in the salad kit tasted a bit mayonnaise-y to us.

Check out this cream of the salad crop, pick one, and use your newfound free time to research a road trip or a cool date night.

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Broccoli and Kale Slaw Kit

Salad lovers across the internet agree that this is one of the best salad kits they've ever had. What makes it so special? The shredded broccoli, radicchio, and kale go way beyond your standard romaine.

The ingredients are robust enough to be eaten for leftovers even when dressed with the creamy dressing. Sunflower seeds and dried blueberries are perfect as sweet and salty mix-ins.

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Kale and Edamame Salad

Edamame beans add the perfect dose of plant-based protein in this uber-healthy and hearty salad. While raw kale can sometimes be a chore to chew through, it's cut small enough to be manageable, and the lemon herb dressing provides the perfect tangy complement to the sweet cranberries.

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Peanut and Crispy Noodle Salad Kit

This thai-inspired salad kit will win over even non-salad lovers with its peanut-lime dressing, crispy rice noodles, and chopped peanuts. Our only complaint? We wish there was twice as much dressing (it's that good!).

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Buffalo Ranch Chopped Salad

If you love anything remotely resembling chicken wings, this salad—with blue cheese crumbles, buffalo ranch dressing, and slivers of celery and carrot—will really hit the spot.

It's definitely on the heavier side for a salad, but still has plenty of crunchy greenery. Mix in a little grilled chicken to balance out all the flavor and make it a full meal.

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Roasted Butternut Squash, Red Quinoa, and Wheatberry Salad

Putting grains in a salad is the secret to ultimate texture and satisfaction, and wheatberry has an especially pleasing bite to it. Quinoa adds a protein bunch and butternut squash, cranberries, and goat cheese round out this salad to make it a full meal. If you love sweet salad dressing, this one's for you.

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Mozzarella and Tomato Salad

Okay, bear with us—we know that this seems like something you could totally make at home. The pre-made salad contains greens, grape tomatoes, chunks of mozz, and olives, plus a sprinkle of pine nuts for a little crunch.

But the dressing is what takes this from basic house salad to a must-have lunch staple. The balsamic vinaigrette has a hint of dijon and just the right amount of tang. The dressing alone will keep you coming back to this salad time and time again.

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