Use these eco-friendly carryalls every time you grocery shop.


With more and more cities and states banning plastic bags and taxing single-use paper bags, hearing the phrase “paper or plastic,” as you check out at the grocery store has been replaced with “did you bring bags with you today?” Even if you don’t currently live in an area that has imposed these eco-friendly rules, you should consider making the switch to reusable bags. Not only do they help reduce waste, but they are also much more durable and can hold more items than their single-use counterparts.

With so many reusable grocery bags on the market now, trying to figure out which option is best for your household can turn into a research-intensive project. If you hate carrying multiple bags, you might prefer an oversized tote (like Household Essentials’ canvas utility tote) that can hold more items, while people with limited storage space should consider collapsible versions (like Earthwise’s carryalls) that will fold flat. 

To help you find the best reusable grocery bags for your needs, we’ve turned to reviews from real customers who have purchased and grocery shopped with these bags themselves. These best-selling items, outlined below, not only have near-perfect ratings, but they also have numerous glowing reviews between them.

Whether you’re looking for sturdy canvas bags, cute printed options, or insulated versions that keep food fresh, these reusable products will allow you to grocery shop in an eco-friendly way. Keep reading to shop the nine reusable grocery bags customers love the most.

These are the best reusable grocery bags to shop: 

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1 Best Overall: BeeGreen Reusable Nylon Grocery Bags

This set of reusable grocery bags by BeeGreen has an impressive 4.8-star rating with over 4,000 reviews on Amazon. The durable nylon carryalls are not only waterproof, but they also fold up into a compact pouch that will fit inside your purse—meaning you’ll never have to worry about forgetting them at home. They also come in a variety of different colors and fun prints so you’ll be sure to find a set that sparks joy. Beyond their cuteness, these bags can also carry up to 50 pounds of groceries. “These are great,” wrote one shopper. “Super durable, easy to fold up and carry with you. It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to stick with using reusable bags—absolutely no complaints.... It holds up to my grocery shopping, library book runs (I’ve put 11 thick books in one bag with no problem), and more. And they are easy to clean.”

To buy: $22 for 6-pack;


2 Best Foldable Option: Earthwise Reusable Grocery Bags With Reinforced Bottoms

These structured box-shaped bags by Earthwise feature a reinforced flat bottom and long handles that will rest comfortably on your shoulder. Customers say the heavy-duty bags can fit a lot of items at once and are easy to wipe clean, but their favorite part seems to be the fact that the shopping bags fold flat, so you can stack them in the car or a kitchen drawer. “These bags are awesome because they stay open and I can use them like a crate,” said one customer. “You can literally throw the food in the bags, and just pile in the groceries. The bags hold a lot, and clerks love that they stay open and are easy to load. No more angry looks when I bring my own bags.”

To buy: $25 for 3-pack;


3 Best Machine-Washable Option: BeeGreen Reusable Grocery Bags

In the market for a set of reusable grocery bags you can throw in the washing machine? Consider this 10-piece machine-washable set by BeeGreen. The foldable bags are made from a rip-stop polyester fabric and come with a one-year warranty. One happy customer wrote, “These bags hold 50 lbs of groceries—more than you would likely put in one bag. They are easy to fold and carry around and come in an assortment of colors. Easy to clean. A great alternative to single-use plastic bags. The biggest challenge is remembering to bring them into the store! Great price for a reusable, washable, sturdy bag. I highly recommend.”

To buy: $27 for 10-pack;


4 Best Canvas Option: RefractStudio Reusable Canvas Tote Bags

Minimalists will love the look of these simple reusable canvas grocery bags from Esty. The large-capacity bags are big enough to hold way more groceries than a single-use bag, and they feature durable straps that have been reinforced on the front and back of the bag for added support. Plus, if you ever get bored with the plain beige color, you can paint or decorate the bags to give them a unique and personal touch. With smart details like that, it’s no wonder that customers have given the cute canvas bags a near-perfect rating. 

To buy: $16 for 6-pack;


5 Best Durable Option: BagPodz Reusable Grocery Bags

These ripstop nylon grocery bags by BagPodz may look flimsy, but they can actually hold up to 50 pounds worth of items at a time. Along with 10 reusable grocery bags, each set also comes with a compact storage case to keep them in so you won’t misplace them. “I like the fact that these bags are so compact and easy to carry,” said one reviewer. “I just clip them on my shopping cart until I'm ready to use them. They are very sturdy and strong. I can put a gallon of milk along with a few smaller items in one bag, and they will not tear. After use, you just stuff them back in the bag, and you're ready for your next shopping trip. Now just remember to throw them back in the car.”

To buy: $37 for 10-pack (was $48);


6 Best Option for Produce: Ecoware Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

It’s not just plastic grocery bags that are harmful to the environment; single-use produce bags are just as bad. This is why thousands of Amazon shoppers have made the switch to these reusable produce bags by Ecoware. Each set comes with five small, five medium, and five large mesh bags that can be used to store your fruits and vegetables in. “Great for shopping, no more single-use plastic veggie bags,” wrote one shopper. “Greatest plus is that I find all my veggies, especially delicate herbs like cilantro, last way longer in the fridge when I store them in the mesh bags. They are synthetic (non-biodegradable) but I've been using them for a month and seem super sturdy after washing, so I expect to use them for the long haul.”

To buy: $11 for 15-pack (was $16);


7 Best Insulated Option: NZ Home Insulated Reusable Grocery Bags 

If you’re worried about perishable items going bad, you may want to invest in a set of insulated reusable grocery bags like this option from NZ Home. Each set comes with two heavy-duty bags, each with durable zippers and reinforced non-rip handles. The large-capacity bags will not only stand upright and hold a lot of items at once, but they can also fold completely flat when not in use. “Very happy with the bags,” said one shopper. “They are durable, spacious, waterproof, and well insulated to keep cold or warm food. Hold a lot for grocery or going to the beach with no problem at all with the zipper. I highly recommend these bags, they will help you get away from using disposable grocery bags.”

To buy: $19 for 2-pack;


8 Best for Organizing: Lotus Trolley Bags 

Designed to look like file drawers, these trolley bags by Lotus perfectly fit inside shopping carts to help keep  groceries organized. Each set comes with four lightweight, foldable bags in different sizes. One bag even has pockets designed to hold eggs and beverages, while another is insulated and perfect for storing perishable items. “Really cool bags,” raved one customer. “Great quality and happy to see they are not cheaply made. Great colors and absolutely love the cooler bag and the egg holder. Three people at the grocery store stopped me today to ask where I got the bags from.”

To buy: $36 for 4-pack;


9 Best Extra-Large Option: Household Essentials 2214 Krush Canvas Utility Tote

If you’re someone who hates making more than one trip carrying groceries from the car to your house, this oversized grocery bag from Household Essentials might be the right option for you. The spacious bag measures at 13H x 22W x 11D and is fully collapsible when not in use. Made from a durable canvas material, the extra-large grocery bag also features a water-resistant nylon lining, making it super easy to clean. “Really love the size of this for grocery shopping,” wrote one reviewer. “No more need to bring tons of reusable bags or bring home 100 plastic bags for that bulky light stuff (10 boxes of cereal!) Collapses flat to store in the house or car when done.”

To buy: $12;