The 11 Best Prepared Meal Delivery Services for Quick-Yet-Quality Lunches and Dinners

Restaurant-worthy meals ready in just minutes.

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With so many things on your to-do list every day, cooking quality meals might not always be top priority. Luckily, there are so many meal delivery services that offer prepped meals you can enjoy in just a few minutes. This roundup features 11 different companies with diverse food options, so you'll never have to opt for takeout again. The best part? Meal delivery services can actually put some money back into your wallet.

In general, prepared meal delivery services are ideal for people who want pre-cooked meals on hand to squeeze in whenever they have a break in their busy schedule. When it comes to choosing the best company for your needs, there are a plethora of meal prep services for different diets, budgets, and lifestyles.

I've personally had my fair share of ready-to-eat meals from a handful of meal delivery services, and my favorites are from Factor closely followed by Sunbasket and Daily Harvest. Factor is my No. 1 pick because of its mouthwatering menu full of creative recipes. I'm usually pretty skeptical about the meat that comes in microwavable meals, but Factor cooks it to perfection—tender, juicy, and flavorful. Sunbasket won me over with its fresh ingredients, interesting entrées, and super-satisfying portion sizes. Whether you're a plant-based or meat eater, Sunbasket's Fresh & Ready line has tons of healthy prepared meals to choose from. For light meals that make you feel your best, look no further than Daily Harvest. I've never been so obsessed with a smoothie (hello, mint + cacao), and I've never felt so good about my vegetable and fruit intake.

Below, I've highlighted the best prepared meal delivery services that will make mealtime way less stressful and a whole lot more delicious.

Best Overall: Factor



As mentioned above, I'm a huge fan of Factor. Plus, the prepared meal delivery service has a 4.3-star rating from more than 22,000 customers. Some of the most common positive reviews about Factor is that the meals are perfectly portioned, taste way better than expected, and the customer service is extremely helpful and professional.

Factor recipes are created by registered dietitians and cooked by professional chefs, which means the meals are not only designed to taste good but also make you feel good. The food is delivered fresh and safe to eat within seven days of its arrival date. Factor has meal plans suitable for different eating styles, including plant-based. I tried (and loved) a variety of meals from each category. My favorite dishes were the grilled pork chop with a side of red pepper cauliflower mash and green chile chicken with queso blanco. The most impressive part of all is that these restaurant-worthy meals take two minutes to cook in the microwave. Editor's Tip: Adding a dessert to your order is a must. Use code MEREDITH90 to save $90 off your first three weeks of Factor.

My Review: "Factor complements my active lifestyle. The meals take two minutes to heat up and are packed with protein and vegetables. With a rotating menu, Factor is always adding new and exciting recipes so you never get sick of eating the same thing. In other words, it's a much more satisfying (and sustainable) alternative to typical meal prepping."

Best Rated: Freshly



Whether you're craving Asian-inspired takeout, classic comfort dishes, or fitness-minded meals, Freshly's menu features food for every mood. There are six different categories on the menu, all of which include anywhere from four to 11 recipes. You can select meals from any section—like herb roasted chicken from the Crafted Classics category and beef burrito bowls from Takeout Twists—to customize orders you'll be excited to try. Freshly single-serving meals take two to three minutes to warm up in the microwave.

Editor Review: "Each dish was extremely flavorful; the variety of meat, fruits, and veggies was surprising; and the ingredients tasted fresh," says ecommerce food writer Samantha Jones. "I was extremely impressed by how satisfied I was after eating the meals—as a runner, it's often hard for me to find meal kits that can fill me up for more than an hour or two. The high levels of protein and balance of complex carbohydrates in the meals kept me feeling just the right amount of full."

Best Variety: Sunbasket



Sunbasket is known for its meal kits, but the Fresh and Ready meals are just as tasty. Fresh and Ready meals can either be heated in the microwave for four minutes or in the oven for around 25 minutes. There are roughly 20 different recipes to choose from each week, featuring a mix of new seasonal dishes and reoccurring favorites. Spaghetti alla beef bolognese is a top-rated meal that appears regularly on the weekly menu as well as my most-loved entrée, shrimp paella. Sunbasket takes pride in its organic produce and sustainably sourced meat and seafood, plus its dedication to eco-friendly packaging.

My Review: "Sunbasket's Fresh & Ready meals are well worth their price. They feature generous portion sizes, allowing me to eat one half for lunch and the rest for dinner. Each dish has a variety of fresh ingredients, so every bite is full of great flavor and texture."

Newest Option: Blue Apron

Blue Apron

Blue Apron

Blue Apron recently launched Heat & Eat, its new line of pre-made, single-serving meals that are ready to eat in less than five minutes. If you want to try these dishes, subscribe to a weekly meal plan and then you can add the microwavable options to your order. The recipes are inspired by some of the company's best-selling meal kits, all of which currently include meat. As of right now, there are three Heat & Eat options available: Calabrian Chile meatballs with mashed potatoes and green beans, soy-miso chicken and udon noodles, and cheesy guajillo chicken and rice.

Customer Review: "I'm a single woman who gets home pretty late from work every day, and Blue Apron allows me to cook healthy meals for myself every night," one customer wrote. "I would never have the motivation otherwise. The meals are almost always amazing and easy to make!"

Best Organic: Sprinly



Sprinly is a 100 percent organic, vegan meal delivery service that works with nutritionists and doctors to ensure each recipe is equal parts nutritious and delicious. The dishes contain minimal amounts of sodium, zero gluten, and only certain types of oils, including olive and toasted sesame. Because the meals are delivered fresh, Sprinly marks which meals should be enjoyed earlier in the week. Some dishes can be enjoyed cold and others take just a few minutes to warm up in the microwave. Examples of past meals from the Sprinly menu are zucchini noodle pesto pasta and coconut kale and quinoa antioxidant salad.

Customer Review: "Sprinly has taken lunch at the office to a whole new level," one reviewer said. "So much time and detail into every meal. Sprinly lets me try (and show off) so many unique plant-based meals!"

Best Frozen: Daily Harvest


Daily Harvest offers ready-to-eat (and drink) items, such as smoothies, harvest bowls, and flatbreads. The menu is entirely vegan, and each recipe is made with organic produce and superfoods. This frozen meal delivery service is a great option for ordering a variety of healthy meals and snacks that don't have a fast-approaching expiration date. Cook times vary depending on which meals you order, but usually range from five to 20 minutes. Smoothies obviously take just a minute or two to pour and blend. Bonus: You can satisfy your sweet tooth with Daily Harvest's dairy-free ice cream available in flavors like cold brew and caramel vanilla.

My Review: "Daily Harvest is the best and easiest way to add more fruits, veggies, and whole grains into your diet. The portions are on the lighter side, which works great for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. I'm a huge fan of the mint cacao smoothie, cauliflower rice pesto bowl, and mulberry dragon fruit oat bowl."

Best Splurge: Sakara



If you're working on a body and mind glow up, this luxurious meal delivery service is the perfect place to start. It offers three- and five-day meal plans—including breakfast, lunch, and dinner—that are backed by nutrition experts. Starting around $55 a day, the meal plans feature plant-based meals that focus on colorful vegetables and good fats, which ultimately leads to healthy digestion, bright skin, and a clear mindset. What's on the menu? Unique recipes like roasted pear pancakes, garden shepherd bowl, and coconut lime ceviche. Compare the weekly and monthly programs before deciding which one is right for you. In addition to meal plans, Sakara has supplements, teas, and snacks to take your self care to the next level.

Customer Review: "Sakara has redefined my relationship with food and has empowered me to see that what we choose to fuel ourselves, impacts us on every level—physically, emotionally, and spiritually," one subscriber said.

Best for Specific Diets: Fresh N Lean

Fresh N' Lean has seven different meal plans, including Protein+, Vegan, and Bulk. Dietitians approve each recipe, so you can expect there to be nutrient-rich vegetables and lean protein in every serving. But don't worry, the professional chefs doctor them up with seasonings and sauces so the dishes are also packed with flavor. Past weekly menu options have been Mediterranean salmon, teriyaki lentil bowl, and steak with roasted root vegetables. Whether you're following a specific diet or want to enjoy healthy three-minute meals a couple days a week, this meal delivery service is a must-try.

Customer Review: "I love the variety of dietary choices, and the meals I have received have all been tasty and filling," one reviewer said. "I started on the Paleo plan and will be switching to the vegetarian plan due to cholesterol concerns. The customer service I have received when I wanted to make changes to my orders has been top notch."

Best Plant Based: Mosaic Foods

Mosaic Foods prepared meal delivery

Mosaic Foods

Want super-satisfying, plant-based meals? Look no further than Mosaic Foods. It offers oat bowls, soups, and veggie dishes that fuel your body with nutrients while feeding your soul with comforting flavors. With so many delicious recipes, this vegan meal delivery service is an excellent choice for people who are new to plant-based diets. The menu includes peanut tofu bowls, butternut squash and sage pasta, and Thai-inspired stir fry. Every meal on the menu takes less than 10 minutes to heat up.

Customer Review: "I have loved my experience with Mosaic," one reviewer said. "The meals are amazing. They are so convenient to have on hand as I transition into a vegan lifestyle. The meals are fresh and flavorful, and I don't feel like I am lacking anything with these dishes when I sit down for a meal. The portions are generous, and everything I have tried has been top quality."

Best for Fitness Goals: Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition prepared meal delivery

Trifecta Nutrition

Working out is one thing, but staying on top of your nutrition goals is another. Luckily, Trifecta's meal prep service makes it a breeze to eat healthy prepared meals all week long thanks to its two-minute meals. Experienced chefs make the meals from scratch, using organic produce, grass-fed meat, and sustainably caught seafood. Sample meals include grilled salmon with pesto and roasted chicken with asparagus. You can get shipments delivered to your home every week, every other week, once every three weeks, and once a month. If refrigerated, enjoy the entrées within 10 days of arrival. Otherwise, you can keep them in the freezer for up to three months.

Customer Review: "I'm a working wife, mother of two, endurance athlete, college student and chronic auto-immune warrior," one customer said. "Needless to say, momma doesn't have time to cook on her day off! So when I was referred to Trifecta by a friend in 2016, I figured it was worth a shot. Over two years and hundreds of Trifecta meals later, I remain a happy customer."

Most Fresh: Territory Foods

Territory Foods

Courtesy: Territory Foods

Offering twice weekly deliveries, Territory Foods takes the "most fresh" title. The prepared meal delivery service works with local and independent chefs as well as nutrition experts to create menus that are both wholesome and appetizing. Your meal options depend on where you live, so enter your zip code to check out what's available in your area. The menus usually have a mix of plant-based and meaty entrées, such as quinoa bean chili and chicken enchiladas, and they are always switching up with the seasons.

Customer Review: "I did a lot of research to find a fully prepped meal delivery service where the meals were prepared locally and delivered at least two times per week (so food is fresh) but not daily (as that just drives per meal cost way up), and Territory literally checks every box," one reviewer said. "The meals are really good (fresh, well prepared, flavorful), well portioned, and the per-meal cost is totally reasonable."

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