6 Smoking Jerkies Made For Snacking

High-protein, portable fuel for summer getaways, these flavorful winners contain no MSG or nitrites. Ideal for the whole family—not just Dad!


Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel Habanero Escobar


Heat lovers, listen up. Thanks to a hefty dose of habanero pepper, this all-natural beef pick packs an outrageously fiery punch. Bonus: part of all proceeds benefit the Innocence Project, a non-profit that uses DNA evidence to help clear wrongfully convicted individuals.

To buy: $32 for four 2-ounce containers, food52.com.

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Epic Bacon Bites


Each bag is filled to the brim with dime-sized pieces of succulent hickory-smoked, sea salted 100% Berkshire heritage pork. What's not to love?

To buy: $6.95 for one 2.5-ounce container, amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com

The New Primal Turkey Jerky


Meet a jerky that’s neither tough nor stringy. Marinated in apple cider vinegar, sweetened with a pineapple juice and honey, and flavored with ginger, this sweet-tangy offering contains no mystery ingredients.

To buy: $7.49 for one 2-ounce container, amazon.com.

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Three Jerks Jerky The Original Filet Mignon Beef Jerky


Made from a buttery cut of meat, this variety is tender and full of satisfying umami flavor—like enjoying a steakhouse meal on the go.

To buy: $12 for one 2-ounce container, threejerksjerky.com.

Photo by threejerksjerky.com

Chef’s Cut Real Chicken Jerky


Leaner than many other options, this white meat chicken breast jerky faithfully captures the flavors of honey barbeque thanks to a blend of spices, honey granules, and a touch of molasses.

To buy: $28 for four 2.5-ounce containers, chefscutrealjerky.com.

Photo by chefscutrealjerky.com

Sunburst Trout Farms Jenning’s Trout Jerky


From a North Carolina-based sustainable fishery that’s been family owned for three generations, these miso-marinated sticks are an unusual two-bite treat—with no ‘fishy’ flavor detectable.

To buy: $7 for one 2-ounce container, sunbursttrout.com.

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