The perfect partner to burgers and steak, French fries are a restaurant standard. Here, four frozen fries that are a snap to make at home.

By Lygeia Grace
Updated November 28, 2007
Frozen French fries
Credit: Kana Okada

Best Steak Fries

Ore-Ida Country Style Steak Fries
(shown, far left). "A substantial fry you can eat with a fork," said one fan. A second noted that the big ridges "hold ketchup well". And the bits of skin add a rustic quality. Everyone liked the "generous hit of pepper." The final verdict: a delicious "chip" to accompany fried fish or a juicy chicken.

Best Waffle Fries

Alexia Seasoned Waffle Fries
These crispy, firm fries (shown, left center) were praised for their zestiness. "I taste the paprika," said one panelist, who was reminded of "the potatoes you get in a big basket at a tavern." Another said she would serve them with sour cream, as appetizers. All loved that they are trans fat-free. (The others are not.)

Best Curly Fries

Ore-Ida Golden Twirls
Tasters noted the fluffy interior and the "good, pure potato flavor" of these fries (shown, right center), but what they really liked was the shape. "They're so much fun to eat," said a panelist of the extended twists. "Kids would love them," added a taster who suggested dusting them with Parmesan and fresh herbs for a grown-up treat.

Best Classic Fries

Trader Joe's Chipotle Ranch Fries
Don't let the name fool you. "Chipotle Ranch" refers to the seasonings in the sauce that comes tucked in the bag, not to the fries themselves. On their own, these "light, crisp" spears are a classic, said a taster. "Their delicate and subtle flavor is just about perfect." Another panelist noted, "The long cut is great for dipping."