We Tried 63 Store-Bought Dips—Here Are Our 6 Favorites

Pair them with your favorite chips or veggies.

Best dips: 2 jar of dip
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Whether you're cozying up on the couch solo or entertaining an array of guests, one appetizer is always welcome: a tasty dip. This should be easy enough, but unfortunately, many pre-made dips have a less-than-pleasant flavor or are filled with funky processed ingredients. That's why our food team tried 63 dips—from creamy to chunky, cheesy to spicy—to identify the best store-bought dips in six categories. You're welcome.

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Best Queso: Salpica Jalapeño Jack Queso With Salsa Verde

Salpica Jalapeño Jack Queso with Salsa Verde
Nuevo Tex Mex Salpica

This smooth cheese dip is made in Texas, where they know their queso. Spiked with salsa verde—an unusual twist for a jarred option—it's a bright, fresh, and delightfully vibrant take. Just zap it in the microwave and dig in with chips and veggies. You could also pour this dip over nachos or use it as a tasty condiment for hot dogs.

To buy: $5 for 16 oz.; walmart.com.

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Best Bean: Desert Pepper Spicy Black Bean

Desert Pepper Spicy Black Bean
Desert Pepper

Smoke and spice (from chipotle chile and green peppers) live in perfect harmony here. Serve this one in a bowl topped with sour cream. This dip is perfect for tortilla chips but could also work in a quesadilla or spread on a sandwich.

To buy: $5 for 16 oz.; walmart.com.

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Best Yogurt-Based: Cava Tzatziki

Cava Tzatziki

So luscious it reminded tasters of ultra-rich labneh. Shredded cucumber and dill make this gut-healthy option feel super fresh. This is a perfect dip for veggies like carrot sticks, red pepper, and cherry tomatoes.

To buy: $5.50 for 8 oz.; wholefoods.com.

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Best Spinach: Archer Farms Spinach Artichoke Feta

Archer Farms Spinach Artichoke Feta Dip
Archer Farms

Briny feta, fresh greens, and chunks of artichoke hearts add up to a decadent, irresistible dip. Serve with veggies, chips, or pita bread.

To buy: $4 for 12 oz.; instacart.com.

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Best Dairy-Free: Good Foods Plant-Based Buffalo

Good Foods Plant Based Buffalo
Good Foods

A mix of veggies and almonds creates a zesty vegan spread that pairs deliciously with roasted cauliflower.

To buy: $5 for 8 oz.; target.com.

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Best Onion: Trader Joe's Caramelized Onion

Trader Joe's Caramelized Onion Dip
Trader Joe's

Totally delectable, as if onions were scooped right off the skillet and stirred into sour cream. Slather it on a burger for an instant upgrade.

To buy: $3 for 10 oz.; traderjoes.com.

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