This Funky $8 Accessory Makes Coffee Runs So Much Easier

Especially for those with arthritis.
By Summer Cartwright
August 05, 2020
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It seems like life’s greatest hacks are always for extremely specific things that we wouldn’t necessarily think of on our own, but would absolutely use every day. For example, there are expandable clothing racks great for laundry, dicing kits perfect for food prep, and storage solutions designed for grocery bags. These are all things that, upon first glance, seem a little funky, but once they’re in use are proven to be absolutely brilliant. Another goofy device that is no exception to the extremely specific rule is the Greens Steel tumbler handle

It’s a removable handle that can fit onto any 20 or 30-ounce cup that comes without the beneficial grip. You might be thinking, ‘Why would I buy this accessory when I could simply hold a cup with my own hands?’ And that’s warranted. But this $8 tool is extremely handy (pun intended) for everyday life, especially if you have a health condition that makes gripping things like cups and containers all the more challenging. The tool makes holding any drink easier and more comfortable because it’s designed with an ergonomic curve that your hands can adjust to in no time. What’s more, there are built-in finger molds and an added thumb rest that can make for an even better fit. 

With nearly 1,500 perfect five-star reviews, Amazon shoppers are sold on this handle’s ability to make normal coffee runs so much easier; instead of holding  a scalding or freezing drink with your own hands, you’ll have something that does all the work for you. Made with sturdy nylon, reviewers say the handle is “solid as a rock” and easily evens out a drink’s weight distribution, which is a feature those who have health issues can seriously benefit from. In fact, one shopper calls it “the perfect handle” for anyone with arthritis, saying that before buying this device, they couldn’t pick up any glass larger than 20 ounces. 

“The handle is easier to hold and more comfortable,” wrote another shopper. “Having arthritis in my hands makes holding onto things a challenge at times. The natural curve to the handle is great. It is very solid and easy to hang on to. I would definitely recommend it!”

Reviewers also say the handle is extremely helpful to keep drinks at their desired temperature. Since you’re not holding the cup with your warm hand, your cold drink could melt a lot slower, giving you more time to sip without worrying about condensation or watery coffee. 

This is something you can use at home or on the go. The tool fits on to-go drinks from fast food favorites, holds firm on tumblers, and can work with some of the most popular water bottles or traveling coffee mugs from name brands like Yeti and Ozark. It’s great to use while hydrating on walks, picnics, or trips to the beach. And because it rests high on the cups, you can still use car cup holders without any issue. 

For under $10, you can shop this beloved tumbler handle and change the way you sip for good.

To buy: $8;

To buy: $8;