Do you agree? 

By Grace Elkus
May 11, 2017

Most people have strong opinions about their favorite grocery store, and for good reason. Considering how much time we spend strolling through the aisles each week, we’re entitled to have a take on the matter—whether we base it on who has the best deals, the best produce, or even the best free samples.

Our personal opinion aside, according to a consumer study of more than 12,700 shoppers, Publix and Wegmans are America’s favorite grocery stores. This is the second consecutive year that Wegmans took the top spot in the study, which was conducted in March by Market Force Information (a customer experience information company). Previously, the title was held by Trader Joe’s.

Publix and Wegmans each scored 77 percent on Market Force’s Customer Loyalty Index. Trader Joe’s was just one percentage point behind with 76 percent, and H-E-B (a grocery store chain based in Texas) came in third with 69 percent. Aldi and Harris Teeter rounded out the top 5. Whole Foods clocked in at number 9. 

People love the two winning stores for different reasons. Wegmans ranked highest for its specialty department service, while Publix took the top spot in fast checkouts, availability of items, and store cleanliness. Best value went to Aldi and cashier courtesy went to Trader Joe’s.

To come up with a ranking for each brand, participants were asked to rate their satisfaction with their most recent grocery shopping experience, as well as their likelihood to refer that store to others. Participants ranged in age from 18 to over 65.