They’ve become a best-seller in less than a week.

By Katie Macdonald
Updated June 06, 2019

Whether it’s a veggie-stuffed sandwich, comforting soup, or a satisfying salad, we’re big fans of packing your own lunch. Not only is it healthier, but it’s an easy way to save a little extra dough. But after throwing lunch into our work bags as we head out the door, it only takes one spill to convince us we needed an upgrade.

Enter these adorable reusable lunch totes from GuGio. In less than a week, they’ve shot up Amazon’s charts to become one of the retailer’s top-selling reusable lunch bags.

GuGio Lunch Bag

To buy: $13;

The cloth-covered bags are fully insulated to keep foods hot or cold, have a metal zipper to keep everything inside, and come in eight colors and patterns, like coffee-colored polka dots, yellow stripes, and pink cherries. They’re compact and lightweight, with a nylon handle perfect for anyone on the go. Oh, and they fold easily once you’re ready to put lunch away.

Because they were released only last week, the totes don’t have any reviews yet. But with a price tag of just $13, you can bet we’re buying one (or two!) to transform packing our lunch from a task into a treat.

More Cute Lunch Bags on Amazon

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure

No need to buy ice packs—this incredibly popular lunch bag has them built right in. With freezable gel permanently built into its bags, PackIt’s unique design keeps food and drinks cool for hours. To use, simply fold the bag flat and store in the freezer overnight. It’s great for packing foods that need to keep cool, like dairy, vegetables, and fruits, and its zip-top closure keeps everything cool and dry.

To buy: $18 (was $20);

BALORAY Lunch Tote

This fashionable (yet practical!) lunch bag earned the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” designation with more than 1,200 five-star reviews. Reviews rave about its adorable design, as well as its deceptively large interiors.

To buy: $14;