Is Aldi Cheaper Than Trader Joe's? We Compare the Cost of 25+ Products

Surprisingly, there’s a clear winner here.

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Aldi and Trader Joe's both have a reputation for selling well-priced groceries—including breakfast must-haves, pantry staples, and more—but is one retailer categorically less expensive than the other? We compared more than 25 popular grocery store items (think milk, eggs, nut butter, and chicken) from Aldi and Trader Joe's in order to adequately answer that query, and the results were surprising.

Aldi, a German supermarket chain that was actually once owned by the same family as TJ's, certainly gives the beloved company a run for its money. For example, did you know that it actually makes more sense (for your wallet) if you stock up on bagels at Aldi? There you can buy a 20-ounce package of six everything bagels for $1.49. By contrast, an 18-ounce package of six Trader Joe's everything bagels costs $2.29.

Additionally, while Trader Joe's sells a dozen large eggs for $3.99 (which equates to $0.33 an egg), Aldi sells the same amount of large eggs for $2.39, which means each egg costs about $0.20. However, it's important to note that Trader Joe's eggs are organic, while those specific eggs from Aldi are not. So if purchasing organic food is important to you, you may be better off buying your eggs at TJ's.

When it comes to some other staples, such as olive oil, Trader Joe's and Aldi are neck and neck. Believe it or not, both chains sell 16.9-ounce bottles of Sicilian extra virgin olive oil for $7.99. Curious to know how other widely used food items from both chains stack up? Keep reading for more. Just note that some of these prices may vary based on your location.

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Greek yogurt

Choose: Aldi Friendly Farms Plain Nonfat Greek Yogurt: $1.85 for 32 oz.
Trader Joe's Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt: $4.99 for 32 oz.

When it comes to Greek yogurt, which has more calcium and protein than regular yogurt, choose the Friendly Farms version sold at Aldi—you can get a 32-ounce container, which will last you for several days, for less than half the price of Trader Joe's Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt. However, if you're in the market for some non-dairy yogurts, TJ's is your best bet. There you can find vegan and dairy-free cashew yogurt, as well as dairy-free coconut yogurt in a variety of flavors.

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Choose: Aldi Millville Bran Flakes: $2.29 for 17.3 oz.
Trader Joe's Organic Bran Flakes Cereal: $2.29 for 12 oz.

Need more fiber in your diet? Stock up on bran flakes. On a per-ounce basis, you're better off picking up the healthy breakfast cereal from Aldi, where each box has more than 5 ounces more than a similar box of bran flakes from TJ's.

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Choose: Aldi Friendly Farms 2% Milk Half Gallon: $2.76 for 64 oz.
Trader Joe's Ultra-Filtered Reduced Fat Milk: $3.99 for 59 oz.

If you start your day with a glass of milk, consider buying a half-gallon carton of Friendly Farms 2% Milk from Aldi, seeing as a smaller carton from Trader Joe's is actually more expensive. What's more? While both chains stock plenty of non-dairy milks, Aldi has many varieties of flavored coconut milks, almond milks, soy milks, and more.

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Choose: Aldi Goldhen Grade A Free Range Large Brown Eggs: $2.39 for a dozen
Trader Joe's Organic, Free-Range Large Eggs: $3.99 for a dozen

At 20 cents an egg, Aldi's price is hard to beat. However, as we mentioned above, Trader Joe's eggs are organic, while Aldi's are not, which is perhaps why they are a tad more expensive. Got leftover eggs you need to use ASAP? Give one of these egg-filled recipes a try.

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Choose: Aldi Appleton Farms Center Cut Bacon: $4.45 for 12 oz.
Trader Joe's No Sugar Dry Rubbed Uncured Bacon: $4.69 for 8 oz.

There's nothing wrong with starting your day with some bacon. If you do, buy the breakfast staple from Aldi instead of Trader Joe's. There you can find a larger package of bacon for less money.

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Frozen vegetables

Choose: Aldi Simply Nature Organic Mixed Vegetables: $1.35 for 16 oz.
Trader Joe's Organic Green Vegetable Foursome: $2.99 for 14 oz.

Frozen vegetables make a healthy, easy side for just about any lunch or dinner. If you prefer an array of veggies, opt for a package of Simply Nature Organic Mixed Vegetables from Aldi. You'll get a mixture of peas, green beans, carrots, and corn for more than a dollar less than a similar product from TJ's filled with broccoli florets, peas, French green beans, and zucchini quarters. However, when it comes to the frozen food game, it's hard to beat Trader Joe's options. While more expensive than some of Aldi's choices, they are also more creative. In addition to the frozen Green Vegetable Foursome, you can also buy Mexican Style Roasted Corn, TJ's famous Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry, and more.

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Choose: Aldi Millville Old Fashioned Oats: $2.45 for 42 oz.
Trader Joe's Oven Toasted Old Fashioned Organic Oats: $2.69 for 18 oz.

Oatmeal has been linked to many health benefits, including reduced cholesterol levels, a stronger immune system, and a healthy heart. In other words, do yourself a favor and buy oatmeal from Aldi, where it costs about $0.06 an ounce.

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Choose: Aldi bananas: $0.42 per pound (roughly $0.14 each)
Trader Joe's bananas: $0.19 each

While Trader Joe's is known for selling bananas for $0.19 a piece, Aldi's prices are slightly lower, at $0.14 a piece, though that may vary slightly depending on the size of the bananas. If you want to bake banana bread, buy the yellow fruits from Aldi.

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Choose: Aldi L'oven Fresh Everything Bagels: $1.49 for 20 oz.
Trader Joe's Everything Bagels: $2.29 for 18 oz.

Who doesn't love a bagel in the morning? As you can see, not only are Aldi's half-dozen bagels a tad bigger than the ones sold at Trader Joe's but they also cost significantly less, which makes your choice pretty easy.

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Choose: Aldi L'oven Fresh White Bread: $0.85 for 20 oz.
Trader Joe's White Sliced Bread: $1.99 for 22 oz.

Believe it or not, you can get a loaf of sandwich bread from Aldi for less than a dollar. While Trader Joe's loaf of White Sliced Bread is slightly bigger, at more than two times the price, it comes out to $0.09 per ounce, versus $0.04 per ounce for the Aldi version.

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Deli meat

Choose: Aldi Never Any! Oven Roasted Turkey Breast: $3.85 for 7 oz.
Trader Joe's Organic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast: $4.99 for 6 oz.

With all that sandwich bread, you're going to need something to put on it. Turkey is a lean meat with some surprising health benefits. At $0.55 an ounce, Aldi's version is less expensive than the turkey you'll find at Trader Joe's, which costs roughly $0.83 an ounce.

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Choose: Aldi Happy Farms Deli Sliced Medium Cheddar Cheese: $1.79 for 8 oz.
Trader Joe's Sliced New Zealand Organic Cheddar: $4.99 for 8 oz.

Yes, Aldi's cheese is considerably less expensive than a similar cheese from Trader Joe's, but the variety of cheeses you'll find at Trader Joe's at this price point is incomparable. Need a block of the addicting Unexpected Cheddar? TJ's has you covered. The chain also stocks flavorful cheese varieties such as Kerrygold Irish Cheddar with Chili Peppers, and a wedge of fancy Italian Truffle Cheese.

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Fresh fruit

Choose: Aldi Cara Cara Oranges: $1.19 per pound
Trader Joe's Cara Cara Navel Oranges: $3.99 for three pounds

If you've got a craving for a Cara Cara orange, which is known for its complex flavor, pick up some of the seasonal citrus fruits at Aldi. And if you have any left over, use 'em to make a batch of vibrant cupcakes.

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Choose: Aldi Simply Nature Organic Classic Hummus: $2.29 for 8 oz.
Trader Joe's Organic Hummus: $2.69 for 8 oz.

Hummus is pretty easy to make at home, but if you prefer to purchase the healthy dip, do so on your next trip to Aldi—it's $0.40 cheaper than a very similar product from Trader Joe's.

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Aldi Southern Grove Chili Lime Cashews: $5.79 for 10 oz
Choose: Trader Joe's Thai Lime & Chili Cashews: $7.99 for one pound

Nuts make for a tasty, healthy snack, and are even more palatable when they're coated in bold spices. When it comes to spiced cashews, Trader Joe's Thai Lime & Chili Cashews cost about $0.49 per ounce—eight cents less than the per ounce price of Southern Grove Chili Lime Cashews from Aldi. Finally, a win for TJ's!

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Granola bars

Choose: Aldi Millville Sweet & Salty Peanut Crunch Bars: $1.39 for 7.4 oz.
Trader Joe's These Peanuts Go On A Date Bars: $3.29 for 7.4 oz.

Whether you start your day with a granola bar or like to snack on them, it's never a bad idea to have a box of these treats in your pantry. As you can see, Millville Sweet & Salty Peanut Crunch Bars from Aldi are considerably less expensive than a similar product from Trader Joe's.

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Choose: Aldi Reggano Spaghetti: $1.39 for 2 pounds
Trader Joe's Italian Spaghetti: $0.99 per pound

Trader Joe's sells pasta for $0.99 per pound in a variety of shapes, but Aldi also has several shapes in stock for $1.39 per 2 pounds. However, if you're looking for a variety of noodles, Trader Joe's has more options to choose from, including Tricolor Spaghetti and Organic Yellow Lentil & Brown Rice Spaghetti.

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Veggie burgers

Choose: Aldi Earth Grown Black Bean Chipotle Burger: $2.79 for 10 oz.
Trader Joe's Quinoa Cowboy Veggie Burgers: $3.69 for 12 oz.

Each of these boxes have four burgers inside, and, as you can see, the meat-free burgers from Aldi are cheaper, though the Trader Joe's burgers are slightly larger.

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Choose: Aldi Fresh Family Pack Chicken Drumsticks: $3.99 for 1.75 pounds
Trader Joe's Organic Free Range Chicken Drumsticks: $2.49 per pound

If you're buying chicken for a big group or family dinner, get your poultry from Aldi. There, you can purchase a large pack of drumsticks for roughly $2.28 per pound—slightly less than the $2.49 per pound chicken you can find at Trader Joe's. However, much like with the eggs, it's important to note that TJ's chicken is organic, while this chicken dish from Aldi is not.

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Choose: Aldi Specially Selected Cold Smoked Salmon: $3.99 for 3 oz.
Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Seasoned Smoked Salmon: $5.99 for 4 oz.

When it comes to fish, both Trader Joe's and Aldi have several packaged varieties you can choose from. In terms of smoked salmon, buying it at Aldi (where it costs $1.33 per ounce) is your best bet. By contrast, TJ's smoked salmon costs $1.49 per ounce.

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Fresh vegetables

Choose: Aldi Simply Nature Organic Chopped Kale: $2.99 for 12 oz.
Trader Joe's Organic Shredded Kale: $3.69 for 10 oz.

Again, both chains make an effort to stock an array of fresh veggies, but so far as kale is concerned, you'll get significantly more bang for your buck at Aldi. Use the leafy green to make a hearty salad or a satiating smoothie.

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Choose: Aldi Simply Nature Organic Quinoa: $2.89 per pound
Trader Joe's Organic White Quinoa: $3.99 per pound

As far as grains go, quinoa is one of the healthiest. Get your fill of this nutritious grain by purchasing a one-pound bag from Aldi, which is more than a dollar less per pound than a similar product from TJ's.

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Choose: Aldi Specially Selected White Basmati Rice: $2.79 for 2 pounds
Trader Joe's Organic Basmati Rice: $4.49 for 2 pounds

When it comes to rice, Aldi handily wins the price game once again. Use this large bag of basmati rice to whip up a hearty vegetarian dish, or make some plain rice to serve alongside a curry vegetable stew.

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Nut butter

Choose: Aldi Simply Nature Creamy Almond Butter: $4.89 for 12 oz.
Trader Joe's Mixed Nut Butter: $5.99 for 12 oz.

The nut butter options at both Trader Joe's and Aldi are pretty great, but if price is your bottom line, choose the Simply Nature Creamy Almond Butter from Aldi. However, if you want something a little different, TJ's Mixed Nut Butter fits the bill and only costs a little more. It's made with a combination of almonds, cashews, walnuts, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and pecans.

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Hazelnut spread

Choose: Aldi Berryhill Hazelnut Spread: $1.95 for 13 oz.
Trader Joe's Cocoa Almond Spread: $3.99 for 13 oz.

Chocolate cravings are nothing to be ashamed of! When they hit, you can either wolf down some fudgy brownies or take a more measured approach and put some hazelnut spread on toast, or eat it with some fresh fruit. Buy the sweet spread at Aldi instead of Trader Joe's, and save more than $2.

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Olive oil

Aldi Specially Selected Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil: $7.99 for 16.9 oz.
Trader Joe's Sicilian Selezione Extra Virgin Olive Oil: $7.99 for 16.9 oz.

It's a tie! Whether you buy your olive oil from Aldi or Trader Joe's, you can't lose. For what it's worth, the TJ's version blends three types of olives and is produced in Sicily. It's also got a "wonderfully buttery" taste and smooth finish, meaning it can be used to dress salads, season grilled vegetables, or as an accompaniment to your favorite crusty bread.

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Choose: Aldi Countryside Creamery Unsalted Butter: $2.89 per pound
Trader Joe's Butter Quarters, Unsalted: $3.19 per pound

Whether you're an avid baker or love to make rich mashed potatoes, butter is one of those must-have ingredients. Buy yours from Aldi if you want to save a bit on the staple. Though a 30 cent difference might not seem like much, it can definitely add up over time.

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