Welcome to Farmer’s Market Finds—a summer series on what to buy at the farmer’s market week to week. Every Wednesday, we’ll visit Union Square Greenmarket in New York City and choose one in-season fruit or vegetable to focus on. Then we'll share some of our favorite recipes to try out at home. This week, it’s all about rhubarb.

By Meg Josephson
June 27, 2017

You may have seen bright pinky red stalks of rhubarb cropping up in your local market. Its long, green stems with pink ombre ends are the perfect, tart addition to your summer kitchen experiments. Peaking from May to August, the farmers we spoke to said that the size of the stem doesn’t make a huge difference in the taste. However, the darker pink the stalks, the sweeter it will be. Most recipes add sugar when cooking with rhubarb to balance its assertive tartness, but we have a few savory offerings as well to satisfy your cravings.

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