Welcome to Farmer’s Market Finds—a summer series on what to buy at the farmer’s market week to week. Every Wednesday, we’ll visit Union Square Greenmarket in New York City and choose one in-season fruit or vegetable to focus on. Then we’ll share some of our favorite recipes to try out at home. This week, we’re focusing on peaches.

By Meg Josephson
July 19, 2017

Peaches aren’t just for snacking (although we highly recommend eating them out of hand). This juicy fruit is a luscious addition to any homemade dish, from dinner to dessert. Peaches peak from July to September, making them a summertime staple. When searching for the perfect peach, don't squeeze too hard or you could bruise their tender flesh. The riper they get, the sweeter and juicier they’ll be. A lighter, more yellow peach means that it’s not yet fully ripe, so wait until it achieves a darker, more orange-red shade. If the peach in your hand doesn’t smell like much, the flavor will be underdeveloped. They should smell sweet and, well, kinda peachy. 

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