The marshmallows are shaped like snowmen, snowballs, and snowflakes.

By Grace Elkus
October 09, 2017
General Mills

So long, pumpkin spice. With mid-October quickly approaching, we’re already getting excited about wintertime flavors, such as gingerbread, eggnog, and, of course, cinnamon. Needless to say, we can’t wait for the new Cinnamon Vanilla Lucky Charms.

Not only does the flavor sound delicious, but the marshmallow shapes couldn’t be cuter. Every box will be packed with light blue snowflake-shaped marshmallows, white snowball marshmallows, and adorable snowmen marshmallows, donning a grey hat. We have a feeling kids (and adults) who love the movie Frozen might want to check out this sweet new breakfast treat.

We first spotted the product on the Instagram account @thejunkfoodaisle. According to the comments, people are very excited about the cereal, with one user claiming it’s like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms had a baby. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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According to General Mills, the cereal will be hitting grocery store shelves nationwide in December 2017. Customers will be able to purchase an 11.5-ounce box for $2.50 and a 20.5-ounce box for $3.99. The company also confirmed the upcoming release of Hot Cocoa Cocoa Puffs, which gives the classic Cocoa Puffs a seasonal hot cocoa and marshmallow twist. The Cocoa Puffs will also hit store shelves in December.