She has to get all that energy from somewhere!

By Betty Gold
Updated May 08, 2019
Tim Horton

There’s nothing that strikes veneration (and fascination) quite like the endless drive of a mother. Moms serve as outstanding teachers, career heroes, coaches, chefs, businesswomen, physicians, and more—often all in the span of fifteen minutes—for their families. Where do they get all the energy, you ask? Many of us will never really know.

What we do know, however, is that café giant Tim Hortons is here to help. This Mother’s Day, U.S. Tim Hortons restaurants are offering a “Mom-sized” iced coffee made with their Premium Blend java—and let me tell you, they did not skimp out on the caffeine kick.

At 52 ounces, the Mom-size­­d cup holds nearly enough coffee to fill an entire pot. And because a cup of coffee is technically defined as six ounces, this means their “Mother’s Day special” holds nearly nine mugs of java! The oversized iced coffee cup is the largest size currently offered by a renowned major coffee chain in the U.S.

The best part? The Mom-sized coffee from Tim Hortons is free for Mothers (offered on a first come, first serve bas­is while supplies last in participating locations). Moms can simply visit their nearest participating Tim Hortons and when asked what size iced coffee they would like, all they have to say is “Mom-sized.” All Moms, even dog moms, are welcome to get the Mom-sized iced coffee on Mother’s Day. Cheers to that!