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The 10 Best Tea Subscription Boxes for Tea Lovers

These teas and blends will soothe your mind, body, and soul. 
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Like blankets and warm baths, tea exudes a cozy comfort. When you're overtired, stressed out, or even a little anxious, tea tends to calm the nerves and make you feel better. So what is it about this centuries-old drink that soothes our mind, body, and soul?

With benefits like boosted alertness and decreased risk of certain health conditions, tea has proven to be a mighty ally in supporting your health, but more than that, it can contribute to your overall well-being in large and small ways. Whether it brings you sleep, seasonal excitement, or just refreshment on a hot day, tea is a versatile drink that you should consider adding to your daily routine.

Because there are so many different types of tea, each with unique benefits, it can be hard to navigate which will work best for you. Companies that offer tea subscription boxes give you a chance to try out different categories and varieties of tea until you determine which kind will aid you with your wellness goals. From starting your morning with black tea to closing out the evening with Sleepytime tea, there is a tea subscription box out there to help you get through the day.

Best Tea Subscription Boxes of 2022

Different Types of Tea

The world of tea is a large one, and the different types can be overwhelming to new tea drinkers. It's often easier to start with the main categories of tea: black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, and pu-erh tea. Within those categories, there are subgroups that are more well-known. For instance, matcha is a kind of green tea, and herbal teas are actually a blend of more than one of the above categories infused with different flavors, spices, and ingredients. There's also bubble tea, which is a combination of milk tea, boba (tapioca balls), and ice.

When sorting between different types of tea for a subscription box, it's probably best to consider both the category of tea (in regards to health benefits and wellness goals) as well as the flavor profile to ensure it's something you'll enjoy drinking.

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Best Loose Leaf Tea: Dollar Tea Club

From $3, theteaclub.com

If you prefer the quality of loose leaf tea without the crushing price, Dollar Tea Club is your new best friend. Say goodbye to overpriced tea products and hello to premium teas shipped right to your door for $1. You read that correctly. Dollar Tea Club offers a monthly subscription called The Explorer that sends you three sample blends of loose leaf tea for $1 each. Each sample makes between two to three cups of tea, and the blends switch every month so you can experience different varieties.

For those who require slightly more tea content throughout the month, there is also The Sommelier plan, which lets you customize how much tea you'd like to receive. "A couple of cups per week" sits at $11 per month, "one cup per day" costs $19 per month, and "three cups daily" is priced at $27 per month. Each plan also includes samples of the month, as well as tea filters and a free infuser on your first order. There is no membership fee—you only pay for the cost of the tea, and you can pause or cancel your subscription order at any time. Dollar Tea Club currently ships anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

All tea packaging includes information on steep times and temperatures. Blends are all sustainably sourced and Ethical Tea Partnership certified, so you can feel good about how your tea tastes and where it comes from.

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Best Calming Tea for New Moms: Rae's Roots

From $14, raesroots.com

Early motherhood can be exhausting, and Rae's Roots founder, Joanna Linton, understands the need for rest and calm during this time. That's why she created a tea for mothers that uses ingestible Chinese herbs called adaptogens that naturally reduce stress in the body. Essentially, these guys work on your central nervous system to reduce fatigue and stress while increasing focus, per the NIH. Adaptogens can help you function better during those first few crazy months of midnight feedings, long days, and general exhaustion while you get to know your bundle of joy. The Rest Easy tea from Rae's Roots works to calm your body with a caffeine-free approach that uses flavors and aromatherapy scents like chamomile to drive stress away.

To purchase Rae's Roots tea, simply add items to your cart as you would when shopping. Then, to sign up for a subscription rather than purchasing à la carte, click "subscribe & free shipping" instead of "one-time purchase." You can set your delivery schedule at the same time, choosing to receive deliveries every two, four, or six weeks. You'll choose the quantity of each product when you check out.

Rae's Roots works with small family owned farms around the world, sourcing organic ingredients from India, South Africa, Croatia, and Egypt, to name a few. Currently, tea deliveries are only available in the U.S. and Canada. You'll get a reminder before any order automatically renews, and you can change your order amount and delivery frequency at any time. If you don't love the tea, let the customer service team know within 30 days, and you'll receive a full refund.

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Most Personalized Tea: Sips by

From $13.75, sipsby.com

For those who want to explore different teas, but are tired of making decisions, Sips by can take the reins and personalize a custom tea box for your unique tastes. Every month, you'll receive four tea varieties—enough to make 16 cups—based on your preferences. Teas are chosen from an inventory of more than 150 tea brands from around the world, giving you access to products you might not find on your own. Your Sips by box also includes steeping guides and tasting notes, biodegradable tea filters (for loose leaf tea), and exclusive offers from different tea brands.

To create your tea subscription box, simply make an account and take the Sips by preferences quiz. The questions will ask you about your preferred level of caffeine, whether you'd like loose-leaf or bagged tea, and questions about flavors and different types of tea. For instance, if you choose flavored over unflavored tea, you can further select what flavor profiles you'd be interested in trying, like berries, spices, herbs, floral notes, or pumpkin, among others. You can also note which kinds of tea you usually like, such as green, herbal, and black. Finally, you'll note if you have any dietary restrictions that could affect your tea choices.

After the quiz, you can choose the frequency of your order. Monthly orders cost $16 ($1 per cup of tea), with price decreases for longer subscriptions—three-month subscriptions cost $15 per month, with six-month and annual subscriptions costing $14 and $13.75 per month, respectively. Accounts and subscriptions can be managed online at any time.

Sips by tea is available only in the U.S. and Canada. Shipping is free for the Sips by tea box (individual products bought in the shop do not qualify for free mailing). As a subscriber, you can also participate in a rewards system for referrals and product ratings. If you want to share the love, you can purchase a Sips by subscription as a gift for someone else.

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Best Seasonal Tea: DavidsTea

From $35, davidstea.com

If your tastes change with the seasons (looking at you, pumpkin spicers), then DavidsTea should be on your radar. This tea subscription delivers a box to your door every three months during the spring, summer, autumn, and holiday seasons packed with seasonal favorites sure to please. DavidsTea Tea Tasting Club is available to those who have already registered as a Frequent Steeper customer on the website. This monthly tea club is a pay-as-you-go subscription, meaning you pay $35 per box and can pause, skip, or cancel at any time. You can also earn points toward your Frequent Steeper account through your purchases and apply those points toward future purchases.

With a wide selection of flavors and tea types, DavidsTea will treat you to fan-favorite selections, such vanilla, chai, Earl Grey, mint, and rooibos, along with some additional surprises. You can also sort tea by format (bagged vs. loose leaf) and by health benefit. All teas include ingredient and allergy information for those with dietary restrictions. With the DavidsTea tea subscription box, you'll receive new teas to try in every box.

In addition to tea, your subscription will allow you access to a private Facebook Group for tea lovers, exclusive blends and recipes, and some surprise behind-the-scenes content. Shipping is free on orders at or over $39; otherwise, there's a flat fee of $9.75. For Canadian orders, use the Canadian website.

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Best Black Tea: Vahdam India

From $6, vahdamteas.com

For those who need a caffeine boost in the morning but refuse to join the coffee community, black tea can get the job done. For the best black tea with authentic Indian flair, look no further than Vahdam India. With varieties such as Applause CTC Assam Black Tea, Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea, and Blooming Rose Black Tea, Vahdam has a large selection of brews to choose from. Vahdam rigorously cleans, sorts, and tests each tea for impurities before sealing it in airtight packaging to ensure the freshest product arrives at your doorstep. In addition to supplying fresh and sustainable teas across the world, Vahdam India also supports local farmers and the environment. This Certified Climate Neutral and Certified Plastic Neutral brand offsets its footprint through recycling, renewable energy, and other energy efficiency initiatives, while setting aside one percent of all revenue for the education of its farmers' children across India.

To sign up for a tea subscription, simply select the "subscribe and save" option when adding a product to your cart, and you'll save 20 percent on that order and all future orders. The delivery schedule can be set for every 30, 60, or 90 days, and orders can always be managed in your account, if you need to skip, reschedule, or cancel. For added convenience, you can also add one-time products to your existing subscription order. Shipping is free to most states on orders at or over $50.

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Best Organic Tea: Art of Tea

From $70, artoftea.com

For those who feel best knowing what they ingest is chemical-free and good for the environment, Art of Tea is here for you. Best known for its organic and specialty teas, Art of Tea offers a wide variety of unique flavors and blends such as Pacific Coast Mint Tea, Earl Grey Crème Tea, and Tali's Masala Chai Tea. If you're unsure of your tastes, Art of Tea offers a tea quiz to assess your preferences and help you get started.

This Tea Club offers three memberships. Depending on how much tea you drink, you can sign up for a three-month, six-month, or yearly subscription. When signing up, you'll have to select one of five options: caffeine free, classic, single origin, explore, or pyramid sachets. The caffeine-free option offers tea without stimulative effects. Classic simply refers to the most popular teas from the Art of Tea collection. Single Origin features rare teas sourced from around the world. The Explore option refers to a large variety of teas and blends, and Pyramid Sachets are popular teas in convenient and eco-friendly bags. In each box, you'll receive six varieties of tea packaged as either 12 bags of tea or two to four ounces of loose leaf tea. Each tea is seasonally selected and rotates each month.

Art of Tea sources from the top two percent of all teas produced worldwide, which are then quality tested in the Los Angeles-based lab. To ensure consistency, the team at Art of Tea frequently samples the tea to check color, leaves, and other factors that impact the look, taste, and smell of the tea that arrives at your door. Currently, the company only delivers within the U.S. For more information, Art of Tea has a blog called Tea 101 with tasting notes, recipes, and the history of different teas.

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Best Iced Tea: The Tea Smith

From $50, theteasmith.com

For all the folks like me who grew up south of the Mason-Dixon line, iced tea is a staple. The clink of ice against the glass is enough to send tingles down your spine. Sweet or unsweet, it doesn't matter—iced tea is always on the table. It refreshes on hot summer days (hot fall days, hot winter days) and goes with pretty much everything. If you're looking for a little pick-me-up in the form of this cool beverage, The Tea Smith features a Tea of the Month Club with a special subscription for iced tea.

There are options for three-, six-, and twelve-month subscriptions, which include two two-ounce selections of both traditional and unconventional teas. This service ships anywhere in the U.S. for free and outside the U.S. with international shipping costs. In addition to sending tea right to your door, The Tea Smith also offers an instruction card with four recipes to make the perfect iced tea.

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Best Sleepytime Tea: Celestial Seasonings

From $27, amazon.com

If you're one of many who constantly battles insomnia, you should try Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea. With more than 4,000 customer reviews, many people cite how well this tea helps them fall asleep, with one reviewer writing, "This is my night-time ritual. [...] The taste is mild, aroma is pleasant, and even if its contribution to my sleepiness is 80 percent psychological, who cares. It's little daily rituals like this that make us who we are and life so much more enjoyable."

The classic herbal variety features ingredients like chamomile, spearmint, orange blossoms, and blackberry leaves, in addition to floral notes. Sleepytime tea is caffeine free to help achieve sleep, but it's also gluten free and free of artificial flavors or preservatives. This sleep aid tea is also available in vanilla, peach, honey, and mint.

To get this tea as a subscription through Amazon, you can select the "subscribe and save" option next to where you add the product to your cart and choose from a range of delivery schedules, starting at every two weeks and going up to every six months. Auto-deliveries through Amazon qualify for free shipping, can be skipped or canceled at any time, and often provide additional discounts on the products you're purchasing.

Credit: amazon.com

Best Matcha Tea: The Republic of Tea

From $16, amazon.com

Matcha, like other forms of green tea, is packed with antioxidants, which help your body live its best life. It's made from ground green tea leaves, which create a strong vegetal flavor. If you just can't get enough matcha, The Republic of Tea has a Japanese Daily Matcha Powder that can make 20 cups of tea and is available for a subscription on Amazon.

Matcha is somewhat potent, so a little goes a long way with this stuff. This 1.5-ounce tin contains caffeine and can be used for a little morning energy boost or an afternoon wake up. If you have dietary restrictions, matcha is completely gluten free, sugar free, and Kosher certified. To prepare, you can either serve this drink cold, mixing the powder with water or milk and serving over ice, or hot, mixing with steamed water until frothy. An organic version of this matcha powder is also available.

To set up an auto delivery and receive further discounts, check the "subscribe and save" box when adding the product to your cart. Set your delivery schedule and manage your subscription through your account, pausing or canceling whenever you want.

Credit: amazon.com

Best Bubble Tea: Locca

From $35, amazon.com

Milky, caffeinated, and fun to drink due to the tapioca balls chilling at the bottom, bubble tea (boba) originated in Taiwan but has been a favorite in the U.S. since the '90s. Bubble tea is milk tea combined with shaved ice and tapioca balls, both common dessert foods in East Asia. If you're among the ranks who love boba, then Locca Bubble Tea should be on your radar. This bubble tea kit includes four varieties of tea—organic Earl Grey, lavender, jasmine, and black tea.

This DIY kit lets you become a mixologist of tea in your own kitchen, creating more than 24 servings of teas. One reviewer wrote, "We had fun trying the different teas. They were delicious. With this set, we could customize the amount and type of milk, quantity of bobas, and strength of tea flavors."

To treat yourself to this tea on a regular basis, simply click the "subscribe and save" option when adding it to your cart on Amazon. You can skip a delivery or cancel at any time through your account, and subscriptions provide additional savings on your order.