There’s a rainbow of drinks, and we’ve tried just about all of them. 

By Madison Alcedo
Updated June 29, 2016
Madison Alcedo

The list of drinks on Starbucks’ secret menu seems to be never ending—with the pink drink and the purple drink being some of the first summer favorites to pop up. But now, the latest to surface on the Internet are orange and green.

Though the orange drink has more of a yellow hue, our taste testers crowned it the best secret drink yet. Not to be confused with the Starbucks’ orange mango smoothie available on their regular menu, the orange drink is an iced mix of orange-mango juice, two scoops of vanilla bean powder, and coconut milk. There were no specific measurements available for the green drink, but it’s also an iced beverage and is made from black tea, matcha, and coconut milk.

The new Instagram-worthy creations help make up the entire rainbow. The only one Real Simple editors have yet to try is the blue drink, which has the same recipe as the purple drink sans blackberries (our favorite part of the purple drink!).

If you plan to order one of the drinks from the secret menu, make sure you come with a list of the ingredients—not all baristas are familiar with the recipes. Here’s what a few of our editors thought after putting the latest creations to the test:

The orange drink:

“This was pleasant—not too sweet. I liked it more than the purple and pink drinks. It was refreshing, but a little creamy.”

“The orange drink looks more like a yellow drink and smells like Sunny Delight.”

“This one was a little too thick for me—like a melted smoothie—but it didn’t have a bad lingering taste.”

The green drink:

“This basically just tasted like a watered-down matcha latte. It’s good, but it doesn’t really feel like a ‘secret’ drink to me. There’s nothing too inventive about it. All of their matcha drinks are green anyway—and taste the same—so why do we need a ‘green drink?’”

“This is my new favorite of the ‘secret’ Starbucks drinks—I love iced tea lattes, and the matcha gave it a little something extra. Very refreshing and not-too-sweet. I would drink this on a hot summer day, for sure.”

“Matcha is my go-to drink, so I liked it a lot, but I wished the matcha flavor was a little more pronounced. The other ingredients water it down a bit.”

“I was into it! Tastes like a drink I would get at an Asian coffee store like Mitsuwa. I would definitely order it if it had tapioca balls in it.”