You can literally upgrade your membership today.

April 13, 2016
Tina Rupp

Yesterday, Starbucks' revamped rewards program went into place. Now, instead of earning one star per purchase, stars will be earned on a dollar-to-dollar basis. While some customers complained about these changes, Starbucks just announced a new perk: If you make a registered purchase (any purchase) between now and May 2, you'll be upgraded to Gold status.

Previously, it took Starbucks members months to earn Gold status, because they had to make so many purchases. Gold level membership perks include "double star days," a personalized Gold Card, and a free item after every 125 stars (previously, it was 12 stars, but the new system changed their value). All you have to do is make purchases via a registered Starbucks card, which you can do easily by downloading their app. 

Despite the added incentive, many people still aren't pleased with the new system, which requires customers to spend more money to get rewards.


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