It combines a hoppy IPA with a shaken shot of espresso.

Cameron Whitman/Getty Images

‘Tis the season for new Starbucks creations. Within the last few months, the coffee company has launched a new nitro cold brew, an affogato-style frappuccino, an oatmeal latte, and even weekend brunch. The latest on their lineup? The Espresso Cloud IPA, which is Starbucks’ first caffeinated alcoholic beverage.

According to the company’s blog, the new drink is inspired by the Shakerato, which is an iced espresso drink made in a cocktail shaker. The Espresso Cloud IPA starts similarly—espresso is shaken over ice with orange pieces and vanilla—but differs with the introduction of a hoppy IPA. When shaken, the espresso produces a cloud of foam, which is poured on top of the IPA. The espresso itself is served on the side, but creates a layered effect when poured over the beer—making the drink “a truly interactive and unique beverage experience,” says Justin Burns-Beach, a Starbucks coffee master who created the coffee-beer hybrid.

The drink is currently available at all Starbucks Evening locations, but it's also easy to recreate at home. Simply brew a shot of espresso, then pour it into a cocktail shaker with ice, orange slices, and a splash of vanilla extract. Shake, then pour the foam onto the top of a glass of IPA. Serve the remaining espresso on the side.