They're almost unrecognizable. 

By Grace Elkus
December 12, 2017

We knew this year’s Starbucks cups were designed to look like coloring books—but we had no idea they could be transformed into incredible works of art.  

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We recently stumbled upon 22-year-old Carrah-Anne Aldridge's gorgeous cup creations on Instagram, and they could easily belong in an art museum. She's decorated the classic Starbucks cups with a variety of intricate designs, including a Halloween theme, a sparkly mermaid cup, and a magical snowy landscape.

The new holiday cup offered her the opportunity to bring the printed-on pattern to life. Aldridge helped reveal this year’s design on Instagram on November 1, when the cup first launched. While her original design is very detailed, she says she’s considering making a more simple design that she would share later this holiday season.

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Aldridge’s Instagram account first gained popularity in fall 2015, when her Starbucks cup designs went viral. According to her website, she uses a variety of coloring materials, including Crayola supplies, Sharpies, Prismacolor Pensils, and Copic Markers. See below for some of our favorite of her creations.

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