5 Small Batch Spirits to Warm Up Your Winter

Chase the chill away with these delightful drinks.


Square One Bergamot Vodka


Flavored vodkas can get a bad rap, but this lovely citrus-scented version from California's Square One Spirits is anything but cloying. Bergamot, an Italian orange that's better known as the main flavoring in Earl Grey tea, lends the spirit a delicate floral edge and a bright bit of zest.

To buy: $41, bevmo.com.

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John Henry Single Malt Whiskey


While Scotland is traditionally thought of as the epicenter of single malt whiskey, this bold, caramely gem hails from an all-American family-run apple orchard in upstate New York. It's perfect for sipping by the fireside, neat or on ice.

To buy: $56, drinkupny.com.

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Corbin Cash Sweet Potato Liqueur


This gently sweet, nutty, brown sugar-kissed (gluten free!) liquor is made in small batches by David Souza, a fourth-generation sweet potato farmer on his family's estate in California's Central Valley. Stir it into your coffee, along with some cream, for a rich, warming tipple.

To buy: $32, missionliquor.com.

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Clyde May's Alabama Style Whiskey


Named for an infamous moonshiner, this spicy, apple and cinnamon-accented (aka Alabama-style) corn whiskey makes the perfect foundation for a hot toddy or a warm cider cocktail.

To buy: $30, binnys.com.

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St. Agrestis Amaro


Produced by hand from grain neutral spirits infused with a special recipe of roots and spices, this herbal, bittersweet digestif from New York State's first amaro producer handily rivals some of the most storied Italian brands. Think of it as a grown up root beer, meant for slow after-dinner sipping!

To buy: $37, drinkupny.com.

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Photo by drinkupny.com