How to Mix Alcohol-Free Drinks Like a Pro—and Make the Most of Dry January

Try these tasty alcohol-free options—and some fun mocktail recipes that'll have you feeling the buzz.

Dry January may be the perfect fresh start to the new year—and with the right mocktails and drinks, you won't feel like you're missing a thing. Simply host Haley Cairo tests some very tasty alcohol-free alternatives, and offers her favorite mocktail recipes that'll make it easy to enjoy every sip.

Haley recommends going the extra mile to make your mocktails feel fancier, by using fresh or dried fruit as garnishes, rimming the glass with salt or sugar for extra flavor, muddling fresh herbs into the drink, or dressing up simple seltzers with bitters, shrubs, and syrups.

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Nonalcoholic Margarita With Ritual Tequila Alternative

Ritual Tequila Alternative

2 ounces tequila alternative

1.5 ounces lime juice

simple syrup or agave syrup to taste.

For the rim: manuka honey, tajin, and coconut sugar

Prep the rim by lining it with honey and rolling it in a combination tajin and coconut sugar. Combine the other ingredients in a shaker with ice, then pour and enjoy. (Don't forget a lime slice for garnish!)

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Whiskey Sour With Spiritless Kentucky 74

Spiritless Kentucky 74

2 ounces whiskey alternative

1 ounce fresh lemon juice

.75 ounces blood orange and ginger shrub

Orange slice garnish

Combine the ingredients in an ice-filled shaker, then pour and garnish.

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Sparkling Rosé Mimosa With Surely Wines

Surely Alcohol Free Sparkling Rose

Add a little sparkle to your day with this alcohol-free wine, which is perfect on its own or mixed with muddled herbs and pomegranate juice for a sparkly mimosa.

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Hoplark Hop Tea

Hoplark Sparkling Hop Tea

Nonalcoholic beer choices have been around for a while, but the latest options—like Hop Lark's sparkling hop tea with chamomile—offer hydration and a craft beer-like vibe.

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