They’re definitely unique.

By Grace Elkus
Updated August 07, 2017
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

When you think of sparkling water, flavors such as grapefruit or lime likely come to mind. But Polar Seltzer has taken a decidedly different approach with their new “Impossibly Good” line, featuring Mermaid Songs, Dragon Whispers, Yeti Mischief, and Unicorn Kisses as the four flavors.

When we first received the zero-calorie, sugar-free seltzers, we were totally on board. Each “Seltzer jr”, as they’re referred to on the packaging, is just 8 oz. (a standard can is 12 oz.), which we actually think is the perfect size for anything carbonated. After all, a fizzy drink is never as cold or refreshing by the time you’re halfway through.

“The new Polar SeltzerJR assortment is made to chill consumers and leverage the unmet demand for sparkle and happiness,” Polar said in a statement.

The cans themselves are just as adorable. Mermaid Songs features illustrations of orange and pink-clad mermaids and swirls of blue water. Dragon Whispers is decked out with a purple dragon breathing orange fire. Adorable Yeti creatures are hiding in a forest scene in Yeti Mischief, and pastel rainbows and white unicorns adorn the Unicorn Kisses can. (Technically, Unicorn Kisses isn’t a new flavor. Polar released it last year for a limited time, and they are bringing it back as part of the new line).

But now for the not-so-great news. All four flavors were strangely sweet, with an unpleasant smell that reminded us of bubble gum. Mermaid Songs was the worst of the bunch. It tasted strangely like Swedish Fish—and not in a good way. Dragon Whispers was very candy-like in flavor, Yeti Mischief tasted like a watered down Sprite, and Unicorn Kisses tasted just like cotton candy. Not exactly what we were hoping for in a refreshing beverage. The cans are available in six-packs at select retailers for a limited time.

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Earlier this year, Polar released a line called Seltzer’ade, which we couldn't get enough of. Here’s hoping their next project is making junior versions of those delicious lemonade-inspired flavors.