The citrusy-tart fruit is the star of these cool tropical cocktails.
passion fruit cocktail recipes
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Lemon, lime, and pineapple may be the fruits you most associate with a tropical drink, but passion fruit cocktails, which feature the tart citrus flavor of passion fruit, may be the perfect way to give you that beach vacation vibe.

And while it tastes delicious (especially when paired with your favorite liquor), it's also pretty good for you—passion fruit is high in fiber, and vitamins A and C. If you're picking fresh fruit of your own to add to your favorite passion fruit cocktails, opt for one with wrinkly purple or yellow skin, which indicates that it's nice and ripe.

Check out these easy passion fruit cocktails to brighten up your next happy hour.

Cinnamon Rice Milk, Cranberry Ginger Fizzes, and Passion Fruit Sparklers
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Passion Fruit Sparkler

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Add a few tablespoons of passion fruit puree to a flute of sparkling wine for a festive, brunch-worthy cocktail. 

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Partida Passion Fruit Cocktail

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If you love tequila, raise a glass of this citrusy passion fruit cocktail, which also features grapefruit and lime.

Passionfruit Martini from Broken Shed vodka

Broken Valentine Martini

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Give the classic cocktail a tropical twist (and a hint of fizz) with passion fruit and Champagne. 

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El Versalles Passion Fruit Cocktail

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Raspberries give this passion fruit cocktail a pretty pink hue—and rum, triple sec, and champagne give it extra punch. 

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Passion Fruit Hurricane

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This fruity fun tropical cocktail features orange, lime, and passion fruit—along with two different kinds of rum.

Mule Passion Fruit Cocktail

Pirate Mule

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Pineapple and passion fruit mix with ginger beer and rum for a cool tropical take on the classic mule cocktail. 

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