If you love shandies, you have to try this brew.

By Grace Elkus
August 11, 2017

The thought of cracking open a can of crisp beer in the summertime always sounds nice, but sometimes the first sip isn’t as refreshing as you’d hoped. IPAs and stouts are better for cooler weather, while a can of something lighter and fruitier is more desirable in the summer. Luckily, we’ve found our new go-to refreshment.

Owl’s Brew, the company behind the delicious tea-infused cocktail mixers, recently launched the ultimate sunny day beer. Their new Radlers combine 60 percent beer with 40 percent fresh-brewed tea for a drink that’s thirst-quenching, but will still get you buzzed. Interestingly, radlers were invented in 1922 for cyclists (so they could enjoy a cold one without toppling off their bikes), and were a mix of half beer, half lemonade or lemon soda. The new Owl’s Brew are a playful twist on this classic—and are the perfect gateway brew for anyone who isn’t a fan of beer.

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The Radlers come in three flavors: The Blondie, Wicked Watermelon, and That’s My Jam. The Blondie is a combination of wheat beer, English breakfast tea, and lemon; the Wicked Watermelon mixes wheat beer with white tea and watermelon; and That’s My Jam is a mixture of amber ale, Darjeeling, strawberry, and hibiscus. The company will also offer a fall/winter seasonal variety from October-March called Short and Stout, which combines chocolate stout, chai tea, coconut, and pineapple.  

The founders of Owl’s Brew had already been pouring their cocktail mixers into beer, prompting them to create a ready-to-drink product that didn’t currently exist on the market. The beer is brewed at Stevens Point in Wisconsin.

The three summer varieties are 3.8 percent ABV (the average beer is 4.5 percent) and are sold in 12-ounce cans. They retail for $10-12 for a six pack and can be purchased at Whole Foods, Wegmans, Harris Teeters, and other grocery stores in almost 20 states across the U.S. Visit their website to find the brew nearest to you.