Get shaken up.

By Heath Goldman
Updated February 23, 2017
Polar Seltzerade Raspberry Pink Lemonade

Seltzer fans, rejoice. Polar, New England's favorite bottled seltzer maker, has a brand new line of beverages called Seltzer’ade. According to the brand, each can contains “bubbles with the charm of your favorite lemonade, but none of the guilt.” In other words, no actual lemonade (or shame-inducing sugar)—only the yummy flavor.

Available in five flavors, including Raspberry Pink Lemonade, Mango Limeade, Watermelon Lemonade, Blueberry Lemonade, and Tart Cherry Limeade, the line comes just in time for warmer weather—but is here to stay permanently.

The fun colorful cans immediately reminded us of La Croix (pronounced la-croy), the inexpensive lightly flavored sparkling water that probably takes up a ton of real estate in your local grocery store. La Croix has actually been around for about 30 years, but exploded into the limelight in 2015 as a soda alternative. Instead of running traditional ads, the company paid fitness bloggers to promote it, winning over the hearts of millennials and outlets like New York Times Magazine. Not only is Seltzer'ade just as eye-catching, but also it's the same price as La'Croix: $4 for one 8-pack. You can buy it everywhere Polar is sold.

To compare the two beverages, we tasted Seltzer'ade's Tart Cherry Lime against La Croix's Cerise Limon (cherry lime). Seltzer’ade’s fruit flavor was stronger, brighter, and less artificial tasting than that of La Croix. The zero-calorie, zero-sugar flavor comes from the essential oils in fruit (think about the scent left on your fingers after you peel an orange). Polar treats the oils more carefully than any other brand, never exposing them to oxygen which turns them bitter through a chemical reaction. The company captures essential oils by cooking fruit and freezing the steam. It’s no surprise then that Seltzer’ade tasted super fresh and juicy. Its bubbles were also larger and burned all the way down, in a great refreshing way. No offense, La Croix, but we’ll be stocking our fridge with this newbie all summer long.

If you need another excuse to grab a case, try mixing your favorite flavor into sangria for added bubbles. Or, if you want a boozier kick, try stirring in some hard seltzer instead.