Here’s where to get a free (or discounted) pint on National Beer Day, April 7th.

By Sarah Yang
Updated April 06, 2018
Adam Sargent/EyeEm/Getty Images

It’s time to raise a glass of your favorite brew on April 7th, which is National Beer Day. Yes, a day to celebrate beer is a real thing and there is some historical significance behind it!

The “holiday” commemorates the date President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act in 1933. According to Time, the Act made buying, selling, and drinking beer and wine legal for the first time since Prohibition.

Like other “National” or “International” days (like Pancake day, or Pizza day), many restaurants and bars plan on offering some deals to celebrate the occasion. At many places, you can get a free drink, or at least one that’s discounted. We’ve rounded up a list of the best deals out there below. Take a look and cheers!

Applebee’s: Check your local restaurant for deals

Buffalo Wild Wings: Members of the Blazin’ Rewards program will receive 100 bonus points with each eligible purchase

Chili’s: Check your local restaurant for deals

House of Blues: Check your local restaurant for deals

TGI Fridays: Check your local restaurant for deals

The Pizza Press: $5 pints all day long at select locations

Uno Pizzeria & Grill: $10 pizza and beer dinner (any individual deep dish pizza or Chicago thin crust and any 14-oz craft beer) from April 5-7.

World of Beer: Check your local restaurant for deals