11 Easy Infused Iced Tea Recipes You'll Want to Sip All Summer Long

Think watermelon, hibiscus, lavender, and more.

It's nearly peak summer, which means our priorities are as follows: sipping cocktails, spending as much time as possible entertaining outdoors, and staying hydrated.

The latter is much easier said than done—it's far too easy to find yourself feeling faint in hot and humid weather, trying (without success) to remember the last time drank had a glass of water.

No longer. Sipping iced tea is one of the most delicious modes of making sure your body is getting the proper hydration it needs. But before you splurge on the $7 passion-infused tea drink at the pricey café, let it be known that you can make your own iced tea in minutes that tastes 10 times better.

If you're looking for some simple ingredients that'll make your homemade iced tea recipe even more refreshing, here are 11 delicious ideas.

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Peaches and Mint

Perfect peak-summer peaches give new meaning to the term 'sweet tea.' Find our easy recipe here.

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Whisk some of this delicious (and super healthy) Japanese green tea power into warm water before cooling it down with plenty of ice cubes. Brew it twice as strong to make sure it doesn't get overly diluted by the ice—or make some ahead of time and allow it to chill before you sip.

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Raspberries and Lemon

For the prettiest pink drink, muddle some fresh or frozen raspberries with a squeeze of lemon juice. This one tastes great with either black or green iced tea.

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Lavender and Honey

This combination gives your tea a fresh, floral flavor that'll taste as sweet as it is surprising.

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Watermelon and Basil

Finally, an answer for how to put those extra watermelon wedges to work. Recipe here!

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Bourbon and Mint

A splash of bourbon is just the thing for times when you want to kick things up a notch. This one's the perfect combination of refreshing and (just a little) rowdy.

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Cucumber, Mint, and Lime

Make this refreshing "spa water" into a tea cocktail by adding a hit of rum, or keep it virgin with a splash of sparkling water instead.

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Ginger and Honey

It's packed with fresh flavor and some serious anti-inflammatory health benefits. Recipe here.

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Strawberries and Basil

This classic combo gives iced tea a refreshingly sweet-and-herbal twist. If the berries and basil came from your garden, even better.

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Hibiscus and Lemonade

It's the holy trifecta: tart, tropical, and real tasty.

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Pomegranate and Lime

Our simple recipe will take you five minutes flat.

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