Plus, a few coffee cocktails you'll want to make immediately.

The switch from steaming hot coffee to an icy, refreshing cold brew is one of the first signs that summer has arrived. On this week's episode of "Things Cooks Know," hosts Sarah Humphreys and Sarah Karnasiewicz share the best tips and tricks for making one at home, in your own kitchen. Plus, Karnasiewicz has lots of advice for choosing the perfect bean, and making your coffee grounds last. Here's one myth debunked: Don't store your grounds in the freezer. Coffee's "enemies" are moisture and light, and while the freezer is dark, the ice creates a moist environment. If you want your grounds to last, store them in a dark, tightly sealed bag in the pantry.

For the full how-to on brewing your own iced coffee, and a few ideas for spiking your coffee, listen to the full episode below. Don't forget to subscribe to the Real Simple podcasts on iTunes!