Want to perk up? Or wishing you had a better way to wind down? We've got bubbles for that.

By Laura Fisher
Updated August 08, 2019
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5 Sparkling Waters With Extra Healthy Benefits
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It’s no secret that I’m sparkling water-obsessed. Once I started drinking the bubbly, regular water just seemed so… plain. With a multitude of flavor options and virtually no negative health implications, I see no reason to ever go back. Sometimes, though, I want my bubbles to go the extra mile. Call me demanding if you must, but I want a beverage that can do it all and meet the needs of my day, whether that be a busy morning of meetings or a lazy, self-care Sunday. I started to look beyond the basics for water that does more, and discovered some amazing sparkling beverages that help me achieve better productivity, deeper relaxation, and increased health. No matter if you need an afternoon energy boost or a way to wind down in the evening, read on for these supercharged bubbly bevvies.

Perk Up

I used to be a big fan of energy drinks during long summer workdays. There is something about cracking open a can of cold, bubbly goodness for an afternoon caffeine jolt that refreshes me in a way that coffee, even iced, just can’t. Now I choose to get my afternoon pick-me-up without all the sugar and artificial flavors in the form of a caffeinated sparkling water like Hiball, which comes in yummy flavors like grapefruit, lemon lime, and peach, and has no sugar or artificial coloring or additives. Clean energy at its best.

Calm Down

You might have heard about the recent CBD trend and been curious about its purported benefits, which include reducing anxiety and helping with insomnia. I’m a big fan of CBD on days when work stress has me riled up or after a tough workout to help ward off muscle soreness, but I’m not into vaping or tinctures. I discovered Weller’s CBD Sparkling Water on a particularly stressful Monday, and was drawn to both its hefty dose of 25 milligrams of CBD as well as the clean ingredient list. I was able to tackle the rest of my to-do list feeling noticeably less stressed. Remember, no matter how much CBD you consume, it has no psychoactive properties even though it’s derived from the cannabis plant, so this beverage is perfect to pack along for a busy workday, visit to your in-laws, or any other stressful situation that you find yourself in. We can't promise you'll feel anything, but we'll take the placebo effect any day of the week if it means feeling relaxed.

Ditch the Sugar

Love a good cocktail but hate the way sugary mixers make you feel? Skip the headache by using a flavored sparkling water as a mixer—the bubbles and flavor are the perfect complement to a good quality alcohol and you’ll stay hydrated as you sip. Moscow mules are one of my favorite summer cocktails, but the sugar in the ginger ale always makes me sluggish. A perfect combo is using Poland Spring’s Lemon Ginger Sparkling Water in place of the soda for all the flavor with no sugar crash.

Get Focused

Green tea is widely known for providing sustained energy. This is largely due to the presence of L-Theanine, an amino acid naturally found in all tea, but especially concentrated in the green variety. When combined with caffeine, L-Theanine is shown to increase cognitive performance and help with focus and even mood. As much as I’ve tried to get on the green tea bandwagon, I’ve never been able to get over the grassy taste. Luckily, I came across Phocus, which includes both caffeine and L-theanine for that same powerful dose of brain power. I drink one before a big work session or long meeting, and feel an increased mental clarity and hyper-focused without any of the dreaded caffeine jitters.

Boost Your Cell Health

If you’re looking for a bubbly beverage with a little sweetness, an antioxidant-infused sparkling water like Bubbl’r might be for you. Stevia-sweetened with only 5 calories, Bubbl’r beats out soda in more than one way. Each can packs in multiple antioxidants, which are compounds found naturally in foods like berries and kale that help your body ward off cell damage and fight free radicals. With flavor combinations like Pitaya Berry and Cherry Guava, your taste buds are sure to never get bored.