6 Hard Ciders That Taste Like Fall

They’re bubbly and crisp—and just as cool as craft beer, minus the gluten.


Descendant Cider Co. Pom Pomme


Ten different apple varieties, pomegranates, and hibiscus flowers are blended into a cider that’s fruity, dry, and tastes just a bit like rosé. It’s delicious on its own at brunch or stir it together with fruit and ice for a novel apple sangria.

To buy: $16 for one 750-milliliter bottle, mouth.com.

Photo by mouth.com

Downeast Cider House Original Blend


A pair of cider-obsessed friends founded the East Boston-based cider house in their senior year of college. Their beverages are sure to steal the spotlight at your next party: consider it a session cider full of juicy apple flavor. This offering errs on the sweeter side. It's made from freshly pressed Red Delicious, Macintosh, Cortland, and Gala apples.

To buy: $9 for four 12-ounce cans, spirited-wines.com.

Photo by downeastcider.com

Bellwether Liberty Spy


Juicy, but slightly tart—just like green apples—this middle of the road cider is sure to please at parties. Try pairing it with grilled or seared meats, or spicy foods.

To buy: $11.95 for one 750-millileter bottle, cidery.com.

Photo by triphammerwines.com


Argus Cidery Perennial 2013 Sparkling Cider


Chardonnay fans will love this offering. Made it Texas and aged in oak barrels, it has that distinct woody accent without any sticky sweetness.

To buy: $21 for one 750-milliliter bottle, wlvliquors.com.

Photo by arguscidery.com

Citizen Cider Unified Press


Made from apples grown in Middlebury, Vermont, these tallboys are light, pale, crisp, and easy to toss back. Stash a few in your backpack on your next fall hike (the cans won’t break) for a little boozy refreshment at the summit.

To buy: $10 for four 16-ounce cans, binnys.com.

Photo by citizencider.com

Sonoma Dry Reserve Zider


This pretty pick gets its bright pink color from aging in Sonoma County red zinfandel barrels. It has a forward ripe apple flavor, but also reminds us of blackberries and plums. Bonus: it’s totally organic.

To buy: $25.98 for two 22-ounce bottles, sonomacider.com.

Photo by sonomacider.com