No time for yourself? Find some fast with these smart tips from busy moms.

By Real Simple
Updated October 20, 2017
woman reading a book

Craving a little alone time? It’s no wonder: Today’s mothers spend an average of 18 hours doing housework each week, 21 hours doing paid work outside the home, and 10 to 14 hours on child care. Snagging a few minutes for yourself is key to staying sane, and with a little creativity, you can make it happen. Get inspired by these tricks from other busy women.

1. Start Small
“Micro-rituals” are what help Brooke Alpert, a dietician and mother of two, maintain her sanity during busy mornings. “Mornings used to be mine,” she says. “But because my youngest gets up at 5:30, I have to find my ‘me time’ amidst the chaos.” Her moment of zen? “It’s as simple as taking 10 minutes to brew my coffee in the French press. Sure, it’s an additional appliance to wash in the morning, but I make it a priority because it makes me happy.”
Try it yourself: Create a mini morning ritual of your own by learning the art the French press, a flavor-full method for a bold roast like Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend.

2. Obey the Five-Minute Rule
“Meditating for five minutes, yoga for five minutes, or even stretching for five minutes—after my first cup of coffee—can really set the tone of my day in a positive way,” says Dahlia Bellows, a professional organizer and mother of three school-age kids.
Try it yourself: Do some restorative morning stretches in the tranquility of your bedroom before getting dressed for the day.

3. Capitalize on Alone Time

Because she spends her morning getting her daughters dressed, feeding them breakfast, and playing games—and then heading to the office—Amanda Schumacher, head of communications for a digital company, gets her solo time up front. “I wake up earlier than my daughters to take a shower and use those precious few quiet minutes to think about the day ahead and to give myself time to wake up,” she says.
Try it yourself: Jump-start your creative juices with a deliciously scented body wash. Mint, citrus, or yes, coffee, are excellent morning wake-up scents.

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This is a paid post written by The Foundry on behalf of The Folger Coffee Company.