No more ignoring that overflowing stash of tubes, pots, brushes, and compacts. Each of these quick to-dos is pretty smart.

By Real Simple
Updated October 20, 2017

Even the sock drawer gets more love than the typical makeup drawer. Makeup and eyebrow brushes get used and tossed in with abandon; shadows and glosses pile up without rhyme or reason. Take a moment to streamline with these fast tricks.

Think Outside the Makeup Bag: Our favorite non-makeup organizers that are perfect for makeup? A clear plastic over-the-door shoe caddy; office drawer organizers; a clear jewelry box; glass candy jars; shallow vases; kitchen flatware trays. Speaking of the kitchen, enjoy your only-for-me task more with a cup of java. Think-ahead tip: If you haven’t discovered it yet, start stocking some cold brew coffee in your fridge so it’s ready when you need it.

Do a Test Shoot: Think of your overstuffed makeup drawer as an opportunity for a selfie photo shoot. Before bed, test each lip, eye, and cheek shade, taking a pic of each look. (After all, you’ll be washing your face anyway.) Do an instant assessment: If it doesn’t flatter, chuck it. Voila! A streamlined collection of products guaranteed to make you glow.

Speed-Clean: While your morning coffee brews (for some kick, try a bold brew like Folgers® Coffeehouse Blend), fill a big bowl with warm water and a few squirts of antibacterial liquid soap. Dump in your makeup brushes, then enjoy your joe while they soak. When you’re done, they’re done! Simply swirl brushes, give each a quick rinse in cool water, and dry flat on a towel. Done!

Label Everything: If you’ve changed cities, jobs, or pets more recently than your mascara, it’s time to toss it and buy another tube. Going forward: Keep a thin permanent marker with your makeup, so you can scribble the date on the bottom of each new product you bring home.

Swap Out Seasonally: Cut your search time in half (where is that matte plum lipstick?) by dividing makeup into cold and warm weather stashes. Keep lightweight BB creams, SPF-heavy glosses, and shimmering shadows in one spot, and creamier, more wintry formulas in another. (We suggest a clear-lidded storage bin for the off-season.)

Go Pro: Professional makeup artists slice lipsticks right out of the tube, placing each color on one large compartmentalized palette. It conserves space, makes your entire collection more portable, and saves time opening and closing individual tubes on mornings when you just can’t decide.

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This is a paid post written by The Foundry on behalf of The Folger Coffee Company.