It embodies everything we love about their in-store iced coffee.

By Heath Goldman
February 09, 2017

If grabbing a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is part of your morning routine, we've got good news. The brand just released their first line of pre-bottled coffee, and it’s every bit as milky and sweet as the iced beverages you love. Hello, 15 minutes shaved off of your morning!

The line includes four different flavors, including Original, French Vanilla, Espresso, and Mocha. They will be available in the refrigerated section of grocery, convenient, and Dunkin’ Donuts stores nationwide. The bottles cost $2.49 to $2.99 each, and are all 13.7 ounces (about the size of a medium Dunkin’ Donuts coffee).

Naturally, we were curious how the coffees stacked up against Starbucks’ line of bottled coffee beverages. Overall, the Dunkin’ Donuts products were much sweeter. But unlike the Starbucks drinks, they didn't leave us with crazy caffeine jitters.

The Original and Mocha flavor were clear favorites. It was easy to taste that they were made with real milk and cream—in fact, they reminded us a bit of melted coffee ice cream. Vanilla verged on overly sweet and had a slightly artificial taste, and we definitely couldn’t finish an entire bottle. And while Espresso was certainly tasty, we wanted it to pack even more intense coffee flavor. We were surprised they didn’t release a black coffee, or at least a milky unsweetened version. And we also wouldn't complain if they decided to bottle up, oh, say, their Rocky Road Swirl. Or Cookie Dough Swirl. Here’s hoping they’ll release more options soon.