The 5 Best Wines at Trader Joe's Under $10

Look to unlikely shapes, grapes, and places for the tastiest, ultra-affordable bottles.

The tastes of the wine world change, but a good bottle at a great price will always be in style. Trader Joe's is a prime destination for just that. The store has a reasonably large selection, with a heavy focus on Europe and the United States. Rosé options have expanded in recent years. These days, you see more cans. To land the best bottles below $10, though, it helps to look beyond these trends—to underrated countries that bring value and to lesser-known grapes.

The next time you're looking for a bottle that punches above its price, consider one of these five finds at Trader Joe's.

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Floriana Grüner Veltliner (White)

A grape popular in Austria and parts of Eastern Europe, Grüner Veltliner presents value-buying opportunities. This bottle from Hungary has a clean charm that will appeal to both casual and more studied wine drinkers. The wine pours a pale straw-gold. It's very dry, tart, and refreshing; it's filled with bright, crisp flavors of lemon and green apple and a little bit of minerality. This crowd-pleaser also has faint carbonation.

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Cecilia B. Spumante Rose (Sparkling Rosé)

The lower-priced rosés at Trader Joe's tend to be pretty similar. How to find one that stands out? Go sparkling. And not just any sparkling, but to a vintner in Italy's Veneto region that also bottles local standouts like Amarone, Valpolicella, and DOC Prosecco.

This sparkling rosé is lush and balanced, with notes of raspberry and light-but-rich red fruit shining through. Sips almost have a touch of creamy mouthfeel. This wine is a charming sparkler made for both summer heat and side kicking small bites before a meal. When bottles are iced, and you're with a crowd, expect to go through a few.

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Susumaniello Ruggero Di Bardo (Red)

Sometimes, Trader Joe's will offer a niche product that leaves you wondering, how? This wine is a prime example. Its uncommon bottle shape—stouter than your normal wine vessel, with a dark, cathedral-like dome—holds a red made from susumaniello, an uncommon grape from Italy's southern Puglia region.

Right after uncorking, this wine seems harsh and tannic. After a few minutes, it mellows out into another wine entirely. It is simply giant, blaring flavors of dark stone fruit, but with softer fruits like strawberry. It also has a touch of smoke and some fennel spice on the end. If you like a red with a big, distinct personality, give this one a try.

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Espiral Vinho Verde (White)

This Portuguese wine is a bang-for-your-buck favorite, and it costs less than $5. Poured out of a long-necked bottle, Espiral Vinho Verde will fizz a bit. Though not a carbonated wine like Champagne or Prosecco, it has a low-and-steady current of bubbles. Flavors are simple: an edge of citrus, some green or under-ripe apple, crisp, a little tart, made for outdoor drinking. It is also low in alcohol at just 9% ABV.

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Corvelia Zinfandel (Red)

This Zinfandel comes from Paso Robles, the large wine region on California's Central Coast. The first thing you'll notice, after its deep purple color, is its even deeper smell—an intense perfume of plums and dark stone fruit.

That aroma carries over to flavor. The fruitiness is deep, smooth, and rounded, with a little bit of a peppery tingle. There isn't much to distract from the plummy goodness. The wine is pretty one-dimensional, but that one dimension is long and very nicely expressed. If you like Zinfandel, this is a good one for the price.

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