Buying an easy drinking bottle of rosé shouldn’t be a challenge. We met up with Victoria James, author of Drink Pink, to find out what to look for when shopping for a bottle of rosé wine.

By Dawn Perry
Updated June 14, 2018

Best Everyday Rosé

For everyday rosé, James recommends a big bottle of Domaine de Fonsainte. A magnum—or the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine—is great for serving a crowd, and not just because of its size. Because less of the wine is exposed to oxygen at any given moment, it will stay youthful and fruity tasting from first glass to last.

Best Rosé to Impress a Wine Snob

Need something to impress a wine geek? James likes a Swiss rosé called Oeil de Perdrix (that’s French for "eye of the partridge"). This wine dates back to the middle ages and gets its name from the color of the posthumous partridge’s eye. But that’s another story.

Best All-Occasion Rosé

Finally, there’s your all-occasion rosé, Les Rascasses. It’s perfect for picnics, the beach, even cocktail parties. And while most of us think of rosé as summer water, James invites us to enjoy it year round with heartier fare like roasted vegetables or meats.

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