The Best Cocktail Mixers

Skip the measuring and the muddling. If you want a shortcut to happy hour—or the tastiest cola for your Cuba libre—try these just-add-alcohol mixes and sodas.


Best Tonic: Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic


For gin or vodka, this not-too-sweet staple has Champagne-like bubbles that fizz until the final sip.

To buy: $6.50 for four 6.8-ounce bottles, at supermarkets and

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Best Margarita: Powell & Mahoney Margarita Mixer


Any tequila, even a budget buy, tastes great with this blend’s ideal ratio of real lime juice to salt and sugar.

To buy: $8 for a 25.36-ounce bottle, at supermarkets and

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Best Bloody Mary: Powell & Mahoney Bloody Mary Mixer


Not too thick, not too thin, this crowd-pleaser has a fresh tomato flavor with a hit of horseradish.

To buy: $8 for a 25.36-ounce bottle, at supermarkets and

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Best Bellini: Williams-Sonoma Passion Fruit Bellini Mix


The peach-based cocktail gets a tropical upgrade with passion fruit. Top with Champagne or Prosecco for a fast (and fancy) brunch drink.

To buy: $15 for a 12.5-ounce bottle,

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Best Martini: Stirrings Dirty Martini


Olive lovers, listen up: Add this intense Spanish olive brine to vodka or gin and vermouth for an extra-savory punch.

To buy: $5 for a 12-ounce bottle, at supermarkets and

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Best Cola: 365 Everyday Value Cola


Natural cola flavor and cane sugar offer that familiar soda-pop taste without sodium or high fructose corn syrup—or caffeine, for that matter. Perfect in a classic rum and “Coke.”

To buy: $3 for six 12-ounce cans, Whole Foods.

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Best Ginger Soda: Williams-Sonoma Spindrift Sparkling Cocktail Mix, Moscow Mule


Staffers chose this brew for its intense ginger bite tempered by lime. Mix with vodka for a Moscow Mule or rum for a Dark ’n’ Stormy.

To buy: $17 for a 25-ounce bottle,

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Best Citrus Soda: Whole Foods Market Lemon Italian Soda


When you need bubbles, simple syrup, and citrus for sangría or a spritzer, use this 3-in-1 solution. On its own, it's a brisk thirst-quencher.

To buy: $3 for a 33.81-ounce bottle, Whole Foods.

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Best Tropical Soda: Whole Foods Market Tropical Blend Italian Soda


This bubbly blend of mango, passion fruit, and orange can mix with just about any liquor for instant beachy drinks in your own backyard.

To buy: $3 for a 33.81-ounce bottle, Whole Foods.

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